Snakemaster Speaks: A Conversation with Austin Stevens
No one knows snakes like Austin Stevens. When his program Austin Steven’s “Snakemaster” debuted on Animal Planet a decade ago, wildlife enthusiasts around the world were mesmerized not only with the serpents he encountered on film, but of Steven’s deep passion and knowledge of the subject matter. Stevens has... Read more
The King of All Snakes (Video)
Source:: Kingdom Zoo Read more
Why are the Gulf’s tiger sharks eating backyard birds?
Ran across this cool story this morning and hate to share it. Super cool! Tiger sharks are known for their voracious appetites, so researchers aren’t surprised when a big one eats something like a manatee or a sea lion. But woodpeckers, tanagers, yellow throats, king birds, flycatchers, doves? A... Read more
Kingdom Zoo TV

Kingdom Zoo TV

Kingdom Zoo March 5, 2015

This summer we are launching Kingdom Zoo TV on GETV! We’re excited about this prospect and we are also excited because we have an opportunity for YOU to help. We have begun a crowd-funding campaign to help us raise $4,000 to get a new Imac computer for editing, some... Read more
Great white caught from Florida beach!
A Houston Chronicle story details a great white shark caught on Panama Beach, Fla. Ten years ago I wrote a story or Tide magazine fabout the presence of great whites in the Gulf and it was somewhat controversial. The latest research from OCEARCH and this catch proves they are... Read more
A sheep with four horns?
In the Bible we learn that Jacob gets a herd of sheep by divine intervention. Most Middle Eastern sources cite it is this sheep-the four horn-also known as “Jacob’s sheep”. These unique creatures have horns that come down the side and curl like a typical wild sheep but also... Read more
Toad Attack (Video)

Toad Attack (Video)

Kingdom Zoo February 28, 2015

Check out our Giant Suriname Marine Toad-“The Biggest” downing some super worms. This guy is cool! Chester Moore, Jr. Source:: Kingdom Zoo Read more
Copperhead Strike (Video)
Venomous snakes have a bad reputation but the fact is most have no desire to strike. Check out this video of me testing out a copperhead while wearing snake proof boots. Source:: Kingdom Zoo Read more