Mistakes Anglers Make – Don’t Do This!
I have been creating disastrous tangles, breaking fishing rods, falling off of the boat, and hooking myself, friends, and family, for decades. If there’s a mistake to be made while fishing, chances are I’ve made it. And if I haven’t, I’ve probably seen someone else do it. So hear... Read more
Miami Boat Show Preview: New Fishing Boats from Boston Whaler, Edgewater, Mako
As the Miami Boat Show approaches (it runs February 11 through the 15th) the press releases are starting to fly. And already, we’re hearing about some cool new fishing boats that will be hitting the water for the 2017 model year. Here’s a glimpse of cool things to come... Read more
New Plano Tacklebox: 414300 M Series Hydro-Flo 3700
One of the toughest things about fishing and boating in saltwater is making sure you wash everything down after a day of fishing. And I mean everything. Each and every one of us has found a pair of pliers or a favorite lure that got tucked away in a... Read more
Choosing a Tow Vehicle? A Few Things to Keep in Mind
If you regularly tow a boat, sooner or later you’ll be faced with choosing a new tow vehicle. Recently I had the chance to park my truck for a week, and tow a number of different boats with a different (and brand new) truck. Even though I’ve always been... Read more
Battling Corrosion: Do this, to Save Your Boat!
I’m going to show you something really, really ugly… are you ready? Yikes! Sorry, fellow boater, I know that’s tough to look at. It causes us pain to see something so horrid, especially on our boats. But if we’re not careful, this sort of corrosion is what we have... Read more
Should You Consider a Jet Boat for Fishing?
The answer to this question used to be a pretty easy “no”. Unless you regularly ran through rocky rivers, jet drives on outboard powered fishing boats didn’t make much sense. And inboard jet drives may have a huge advantage when it comes to draft, but since no one built... Read more
How to Break Your Boat (Don’t do this)
Considering how many of us regularly run boats in all different bodies of water and weather conditions, it’s really rather shocking there aren’t a whole lot more disasters on the water. You’ve heard me talk about a few relevant topics in the past: How NOT to trim your boat, ... Read more
Saltwater Tales: A Worthy Read
How many times have I clogged up this blog with a book review? Um… never. And truth be told, that’s because it’s pretty dang rare I run across a book I like so much I really want to share it with the world. Right now, however, one such book... Read more