Side Scanning Fishfinders: Marvelous or Myth?
Side-scanning fishfinders are all the rage, but there’s little doubt that there’s a lot of marketing hoo-ha that just doesn’t live up to reality. That’s why I spent a day on the water testing units from most of the major manufacturers, side-by-side. You can find the complete results in... Read more
The Boat Shows are Coming – 3 Tips to Get Your Best Deal
Looking for a new boat? With the summer season growing a bit long in the tooth, it’s time to start thinking about those fall and winter boat shows. These not only give you a chance to look at a large number of boats all at the same time in... Read more
Photo Tips: Make Your Big Fish Look Bigger
Okay, this was a BIG fish. In fact, it’s a 157-pound bigeye tuna, which my brother Bill (you see him here) cranked in during an offshore trip last week. But it looks one heck of a lot bigger in this photo than it does in any of the other... Read more
A Saltwater Center Console Pontoon Boat? Yeah Again!!!
Last week, we took a peek at a red-hot high-performance pontoon boat that hits 60 MPH. But what about us anglers? While a lightning-fast pontoon is nifty, it doesn’t exactly fulfill our needs for hard-core fishing machines. Well, never fear. There are also lots of fishing pontoons out there.... Read more
A 60 MPH Pontoon Boat? YEAH!!
If you’re one of those guys who still makes fun of pontoon boats, believe me, I understand the temptation. For a long, long time I thought these things were a joke among “real” boaters. But then some manufacturers started really pushing the pontoon limits; in the past five years... Read more
Great Boat Accessory: The Cyntur
If you read this blog regularly, you know it’s rare I’ll focus on a single product in it. Mostly, that’s because it’s rare that a product worth that much attention comes along. But in this case… Mini jump-starter packs made with lithium-ion batteries have been cropping up like crazy,... Read more
3 Striper Fishing Tips All Anglers Should Know
When it comes to fishing for striped bass, I’m something of a nut. In fact, the third book I wrote, Rudow’s Guide to Rockfish, is about nothing but striper fishing from cover to cover. So now and again, people ask me for a striper fishing tip or two. Without... Read more
Fishing Yaks: Should a Kayak Be Your Next Boat?
The popularity of fishing kayaks has simply gone through the roof. There are plenty of reasons why, and if you’re an inshore angler, you may want to consider a fishing kayak for your next boat. Let’s look at the pro’s, and the con’s. THE PROs: -You have amazing stealth,... Read more