Can Fish Smell?

Magazine October 1, 2013

How They Actually React to Lure Scents By JOHN N. FELSHER My dad used to say, “Companies make lures to catch fishermen, not fish.” True, every year, companies spend millions of dollars developing new “can’t-fail” scented baits they promise will catch more fish, but do they really work? Unfortunately,... Read more
Blind Date with a Duck  –  October 2013 Hunters Find Many Options to Hide from Waterfowl Story and Photos by John N. Felsher Many Texas duck hunters sit comfortably in pit blinds sunk into rice field levees, platforms built on stilts over coastal marshes or blockhouses floating like islands... Read more

Covering your Bass

Magazine October 1, 2013

The Basics of Fishing Shore Cover by Matt Williams It is no secret that bass are cover nuts. Find some grass, brush, lily pads, lay down logs, boat docks, piers or other assorted forms of cover, and it is a good bet that Micropterus salmoides will probably be nearby.... Read more

October Surprise

Magazine October 1, 2013

By Chester Moore Be careful where you sit in bow (or squirrel) season. Also be careful where you climb and when you crawl on the ground tracking that buck after the sun sets. Although October brings with it deer hunting opportunities, it also has some hidden dangers, like copperheads.... Read more