Put Outdoor Air Conditioning on Your Boat for $300
I know this sounds a little nutty, but it’s true: you can put air conditioning on your small center console, more or less, with a mere $300 and an afternoon of work. I say “more or less” because what I’m talking about is a misting system, not actual AC.... Read more
Gear Video: Topwater tube bait? (video)
Canyon Plastics has come up with a revolutionary lure concept that successfully combines two popular styles into one productive bait: a topwater walker with a tube bait. The result is a lure that is effecive on everything from largemouth to striped bass. Read more
Crappie tend to hold super tight to cover in ponds, perhaps more so than on big lakes. When fishing brush piles fish as close as possible without getting tangle when using shiners. When using jigs, try rigging tube jigs weedless and actually fish inside the cover. What are your... Read more