The Tragic Saga of a Texas “Superbuck”
South Texas’ deer hunting is unique in that large ranches are managed for producing big whitetail bucks through carefully regulated harvests of mature deer, culling of deer, and feeding of protein and minerals. Many ranches have their own set of laws and rules regarding deer hunting that go above... Read more
Whitetail Vacation: Affordable Deer Management Hunts in Texas
For all practical purposes, modern trophy management for whitetail deer began in Texas. Three decades ago, owners of large ranches implemented practices that they felt might improve the quality of the deer they were seeing. Today, these efforts have come to fruition, as Texas produces thousands of whitetail bucks... Read more
North America’s Largest White Deer Herd Suffers Dramatic Decline
The effort to preserve the largest known herd of white deer in North America took a blow this week when an aerial census revealed that the herd had lost over half its numbers since 2008. For decades, the white deer herd has lived within the borders of the Seneca... Read more
Famous Hunter Jim Shockey’s Home Burglarized, Father’s Guns Stolen
Jim Shockey, the star of Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures and Uncharted, recently announced that his family home near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was burglarized. Several items, including his father’s prized rifles, were stolen. Read full story at OutdoorHub.com Read more
Explorer Henry Worsley Dies 30 Miles from Finishing Solo Antarctica Trek
British explorer Henry Worsley died last week while attempting the first solo expedition across Antarctica in recorded history. After spending 71 days alone on the continent and traveling over 900 miles, Worsley was just 30 miles away from his destination when he called for help and was airlifted to... Read more
TFG at SHOT Pt. 3
The number of products specifically marketed to ladies at SHOT has grown in the last decade and we were relieved to find one that didn’t just slap on some pink and call it a female product. Can Can Concealment designs sleek, fitting concealed carry options for women as well... Read more
TFG at SHOT pt. 2
Today at SHOT we were happy to find a new product by Thermacell. This is literally a life-saving product as mosquitoes can carry the deadly West Nile Virus and the woods and marshes I hunt are inundated with these pests. This year they debuted the Max Life Mats which... Read more
The Best New AR Products from SHOT Show 2016
SHOT Show 2016 is here, so it’s time to check out all the latest gear. Let’s take a look at some of what’s new for the AR platform. Read full story at OutdoorHub.com Read more