Kentucky Man Arrested for Shooting Drone Hovering over His Property
A man in Hillview, Kentucky was arrested last week after he used a 12 gauge shotgun to bring down a drone flying over his house. William Merideth, 47, told reporters that he first noticed the drone on Sunday night when his daughters pointed it out hovering over his neighbor’s... Read more
World’s Fattest Great White? Massive Shark Tagged By Ocearch
Ocearch researchers have encountered and tagged a massive great white shark off the East Coast of America, and the first footage of the unusual predator has made its way online. The white shark was filmed writhing on the elevator platform of the Ocearch ship, as the Daily Mail reports, removed from the water... Read more
Hiker Comes Face-to-face with Mountain Lion (VIDEO)
There’s a saying that if you spot a mountain lion, they want to be seen. Cougars are naturally stealthy and rarely reveal themselves to passing hikers, but this man visiting Montana’s Glacier National Park seems to have caught one off guard. However, what started off as delighted fascination quickly gave... Read more
Man Attempts to Feed Snake a Fish, Gets Bitten Instead (VIDEO)
From what we could tell initially, this guy was not so smart.  After further review of this video, we realized that this snake may be conditioned to be fed by hand. Either way, this Diamondback Water Snake seems to miss the mark and go after guy instead of the fish.... Read more
Know what to do in case your dog gets a snakebite
No one keeps track of how many dogs are bitten by venomous snakes in North Carolina, but if the night my girl got nailed is typical, the answer is lots. It was just before sunset on Hard Times Trail. Roo, my golden retriever, was nosing around in the bushes... Read more
Louisiana Men Cited for Stealing over 500 Alligator Eggs
Officers from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) have cited two men for allegedly stealing alligator eggs and violating other regulations while in a state refuge. According to the agency, officers stopped Paul Canik, 47, and Christopher Trahan, 24, as the two men were leaving Rockefeller State Wildlife Refuge... Read more
Video Captures Incredible Shark Attack on Angler’s Fish
We’ve seen a lot of videos that show opportunistic sharks making quick work of an angler’s catch, but this has to be one of the most incredible. Reportedly fishing in Australian waters, these anglers could only watch as a shark attacked their fish from below and viciously pulled it from... Read more
Missouri Man Shoots 14-foot Python, Larger 18-footer Captured in Florida
Two huge Burmese pythons were caught and killed recently, one by a homeowner in Missouri’s rural Warren County, and the other by a researcher in Florida’s Shark Valley. Burmese pythons are considered to be a highly invasive species across the American Southeast, especially in Everglades National Park, where the... Read more