Scientists want end to traditional trophy fishing of threatened species
An international angling group should stop awarding weight-based world records for fish species threatened with extinction, researchers argue in a new study. The awards encourage the killing of the heaviest, most fecund fish, the scientists say, and should be replaced by conservation-friendlier records based on length. Since 1939, the... Read more
Strapping a Camera to a Shark Is as Awesome as You’d Expect
Scientists love to research sharks, probably because they’re the badasses of the sea. But despite decades of analysis, some basic behaviors of Earth’s most infamous predator remain a mystery. How do sharks move when pursuing prey? Do they avoid other shark species? So a team of biologists from the... Read more
Introducing ‘the Chassis’ by WMD Guns
WMD Guns of Stuart, Fla. has recently announced a different kind of AR-15. Called “the Chassis,” this rifle is sold with no accessories, leaving all the final decisions up to the buyer. The idea is simple: sell a more-or-less assembled rifle, only without any furniture, sights or magazines. This... Read more
Alligator found outside Katy ISD junior high
Katy ISD teachers preparing for the first day of school got a surprise Wednesday morning when an alligator was found on campus. According to the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, the gator was found by the front door of Beck Junior High in the 50000 block of South Fry... Read more
Hunting, Fishing Licenses On Sale Aug. 15
AUSTIN — New licenses for the 2014-15 hunting and fishing seasons go on sale Friday, August 15. The current year Texas hunting and fishing licenses (except year-to-date fishing licenses) will expire Aug. 31. Every year, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department issues about 2.5 million hunting and fishing licenses ... Read more
So, Really, Where is the .22 Rimfire Ammo? (VIDEO)
It happens daily. Still. I get calls and e-mails asking where all the ammo is. Except it is not “all” ammo anymore. For the record, there is no conspiracy. There is no secret government contract. It’s not Bloomberg or Soros (even though their actions and pronouncements often increase demand.... Read more
So what are sharks doing in Lake Pontchartrain?
Although most anglers are well aware that bull sharks prowl the brackish waters of Lake Pontchartrain, many New Orleans residents — some of whom have been swimming in the lake all their lives — have no idea. That may change after 7-year-old Trent Trentacosta of Lakeview was bitten Friday while swimming... Read more
TSA finding more guns in security checks despite warnings to passengers
Even with an increase in security and raised awareness of potential threats over the last decade, it appears that the number of people attempting to make it through airport security with firearms has actually increased, nearly doubling in the last four years alone, the Boston Globe reported. According to statistics... Read more