Group Gives 17-Year-Old $50,000 for His Gun Innovations
There’s a group from Silicon Valley that just gave a 17-year-old $50,000 to keep playing with guns. The Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, based in California’s tech capital, announced it is funding a young innovator from Colorado who is integrating a biometric sensor into a firearm that requires an authorized user’s... Read more
Extremely rare transferable AR-10 at auction
This is a real treat, a rare and excellent-condition early AR-10 machine gun, serial number 1038, and its original 20-round magazine. It also has a perforated muzzle break giving it the unusual, classic look. This weapon appears fully-functional and is fully-transferable to boot. Formerly on loan to Evergreen Aviation... Read more
Walter Marine moves the Kinta to Texas to sink for the Texas Department of Wildlife and Recreation
SOMEWHERE IN LOUISIANA (OR MAYBE TEXAS) – Stewart Walter and crew are piloting the tug Maranatha to Corpus Christi, Texas with the 155-foot Kinta in front and are passing the area of Galveston and Houston Texas. Several crew members and drivers are aboard, Stewart being one of the drivers... Read more
Florida nearing approval on suppressor use for hunting
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on Wednesday came one step closer to repealing the state’s 1957 ban on the use of sound suppressor devices by hunters. Unlike many states in recent months that have had to push for similar rights through legislative processes, the Florida Constitution authorizes... Read more
Texas Game Wardens Seeing More and More People Breaking the Law
For many in Texas, hunting is a long held family tradition. “One of my rifles I have from my grandpa,” said Round Rock resident Donnie Hilliard. “When he got done hunting he passed it down to me.” But there are rules and regulations hunters have to follow, staring with... Read more
ATF Approves Post-86 Machine Gun Form 1
A while back we blogged about an individual who took the Prince Law Office’s determination that, as a result of the ATF clarifying that “unincorporated trusts” are not “persons” under the Gun Control Act, it may have opened a way for trusts to manufacture new Post-86 machine guns. As... Read more
Dispute continues after ATF again classifies SIG’s muzzle device as silencer
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agreed to once again delay its final classification of a SIG Sauer muzzle device, which SIG contends is a muzzle brake but ATF classifies a silencer. The U.S. District Court in the District of New Hampshire issued the order, signed by both parties, on... Read more
Watch A Pod of Orcas Stalk, Attack, and Feast on A Tiger Shark (VIDEO)
They don’t call them killer whales for nothing. In this gorgeous footage from filmmaker Edwar Herreño, a pod of six orcas make a meal out of a tiger shark in the waters off Costa Rica. Herreño isn’t just a photographer and filmmaker, he’s also a marine biologist. His work... Read more