Tennessee Arms makes the ‘Ghost Gun’ a reality (VIDEO)
The Tennessee Arms Company has just made a lot of dreams come true. This polymer receiver company has just announced clear AR-15 lower receivers, real-life Ghost Guns. Since the emergence of polymer receivers on the AR-15 market people have been wondering if it would be possible to produce a... Read more
New Study Sheds Light on What Deer See (Video)
If you’re a deer hunter who likes to wear blue jeans to your stand, you might as well hang a cowbell around your neck to let whitetails know you’re in the woods. And if you wear camouflage with many subtle colors, it may be doing you more harm than... Read more
Texas Deer Association Gears Up for State’s Largest Deer Event
SAN ANTONIO — Today, the deer industry in Texas is larger than the citrus and rice industries, and the Texas Deer Association (TDA) is geared up to host the largest deer event in the State of Texas. The TDA announces its 16th Annual TDA Convention & Fundraiser will be... Read more
National Dove Hunter Survey Findings Released
AUSTIN – About 250,000 mourning dove hunters harvest 5 million mourning doves on an annual basis in Texas – making the Lone Star State the nation’s leader in both the number of hunters and harvest. The findings of a National Dove Hunter Survey will help managers better understand the... Read more
AR-15 Torture Test: Helicopter, Tannerite, Cop Car
Andy of Florida Gun Supply sent this to us. They torture test an Enfield Rifle Company’s MERC415. They drop it from a helicopter. From the video, it seems they are only a couple hundred feet off the ground. They don’t mention what altitude they are at. It was interesting... Read more
Who needs a net? How some Brazilians catch hungry piranha along the Amazon River (VIDEO)
A new video posted to YouTube shows us firsthand a rather unique way some Brazilians use to catch piranha’s in the Amazon River. Sure, the use of a net would be a much more convenient way to fish. But wouldn’t it be more fun to dangle a piece of... Read more
Boston’s Top Cop Thinks No One Needs to Own a Rifle or Shotgun
The following story is via the NRA-ILA, Writing for a majority of the Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller, which recognized an individual right under the Second Amendment to possess firearms for self-defense, Justice Scalia observed: “The very enumeration of the right takes out of the hands... Read more
First Video of Concealed Carrier in Washington D.C.
Conservative blogger Stephen Gutowski is most likely the first person to video themselves legally carrying a concealed firearm into Washington D.C. He documented his trip into D.C. today for all to see. In case you weren’t aware, D.C. is currently, for all intents and purposes, a constitutional carry district.... Read more