Jet Skier crashes into humpback whale, catches dramatic moment on camera (Video)
This daredevil Jet Skier had an extremely close call after crashing into a humpback whale as he cruised a wave. The adrenaline junkie was riding off the coast of Iceland when the gigantic marine mammal appeared out of nowhere. Dramatic head-cam footage shows him hitting the beast on the... Read more
Watch CNN’s Don Lemon try to define ‘automatic weapon’ (Video)
A first rule of journalism is to know what you’re talking about. This goes double for broadcast journalists who have occasion to interface with guests. Apparently CNN’s Don Lemon was absent from J school the day they taught this important lesson. In this exchange with conservative radio host Ben Ferguson Lemon... Read more
San Antonio-area man scores world record fish in lake near New Braunfels
SAN ANTONIO – Charles Dewey is no stranger to fishing records, but his latest is a first. The retired Universal City police officer who now fishes five times a week has more than 100 current state records. However, Dewey, 56, has never held a world record, until now. Dewey’s... Read more
IRONMAN Backpack – For Relentless Fire Superiority
The US Army has been developing the IRONMAN backpack to increase the immediately available ammunition for crew-served weapons. The entire system enables the automatic weapons carrier to deploy suppressing and superior fire for an extended period compared to current 100 and 200 round belts. In short, it takes a... Read more
Giant grouper launches surprise attack on a shark
In this harrowing video, a group of fishermen are hauling in a shark, which is a very stupid thing to do in it of itself, and then a grouper comes along and eats the shark. Fish are eating sharks now. The world has gone mad. This is just more... Read more
Pogies suck tons of redfish into Biloxi Marsh; speckled trout beginning to make move
NEW ORLEANS — The Biloxi Marsh is absolutely loaded with redfish right now. How you go about catching them depends on how you rate your own fishing abilities. Capt. Kris Robert has been smashing the fish there. He said the action couldn’t possibly be easier, but anglers have to... Read more
US government to sell 21.6 million offshore acres
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The federal government is selling 21.6 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas exploration. The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management says Wednesday morning’s sale involves more than 4,000 tracts located between 9 miles and 250 miles off the Texas coast.... Read more
Poacher arrested for stealing 299 sea turtle eggs
ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. – The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is investigating a case of extreme turtle egg poaching after a man is accused of stealing hundreds of them from a beach on the east coast. They’re one of the most protected and beloved species in Florida,... Read more