Florida wildlife regulators clamp down on invasive lionfish
MIAMI (Reuters) – Florida wildlife regulators on Wednesday banned lionfish breeding as part of a struggle to control the invasive species that devours other fish and threatens coastal ecosystems. The state prohibited the possession of lionfish eggs and larvae as well, after Florida last month became the first state... Read more
University Professor Advocates Human Genocide To Save Deer
A University of Cincinnati physics professor is unhappy with the city’s plan to cull over-sized herds of deer in nearby parks because she “knows” the targeted deer population and doesn’t want them harmed. Her “solution” to the problem involves murdering her fellow citizens (our bold below). It is not that... Read more
Hog Hunting With a KRISS Vector SDP
KRISS Arms Facebook Page posted up a customer’s hog hunt photos. Here is what they posted; Now this is awesome. Our customer Todd did some Father & Son hunting recently and managed to bag himself a pretty nice bit of Bacon using his Kriss Vector. – BW “I believe... Read more
Fisherman recovers giant squid off Matagorda coast (VIDEO)
MATAGORDA, TX (KTRK) — A rare find for a young, experienced fisherman proves exciting for researchers across the country. Michael Belvin, 25, and his friends were returning from a fishing trip on Sunday when something caught their eye in the water. “It looked like a white trash bag in... Read more
Mountain lion: Boy in California dragged off by mountain lion, rescued by dad (VIDEO)
A six-year-old boy was hiking with his family and friends when a mountain lion seemingly came out of nowhere and jumped the boy. The creature started to drag him off by his head as horrified family members and friends watched. The boy’s father and another man fought the animal... Read more
Toyota ShareLunker Season Begins October 1
ATHENS—The 29th season of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Toyota ShareLunker program will begin October 1. Anyone legally catching a 13-pound or bigger largemouth bass from Texas waters, public or private, between October 1 and April 30 may submit the fish to the Toyota ShareLunker program. Fish... Read more
Hunting feral hogs is fun, helps the environment
As I sat down today to whip out some words of wisdom or jest about the outdoors I started a search in one of my reference files which contains all sort of information that I have gathered over the years. My reference files are full of stories and notes... Read more
Major Restaurant Chain to Gun Owners: We Respect Your Rights, but Leave Your Firearms at Home
Panera Bread is asking customers not to bring firearms into its locations, becoming the latest company to take an anti-gun stance in an attempt to “preserve the environment we are working to create for our guests and associates.” The new policy asks that no one other than law enforcement... Read more