Texas Coast feeling the bite of mosquito hatch
From city officials in Santa Fe to Bayou Vista, Friendswood to League City and all places in between, the message is pretty much the same. When it comes to mosquito complaints, call the county, not us. The recent hatch of the bloodsucking pests has everyone in Galveston County screaming... Read more
Alligator hunting season opens in Texas
The fall alligator hunting season opens this week, marking the start of a lucrative few weeks for some in core Texas counties. Hunters sometimes catch upwards of $10,000 worth in one day in the Southern states, with meat, hides and heads all being sold.  The whole industry is estimated... Read more
Deer Hold Up Traffic on Golden Gate Bridge (VIDEO)
A pair of prancing deer took a wrong turn somewhere last Friday and ended up on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the deer were first reported to Highway Patrol officers at 5:24 p.m. The confused critters held up traffic for a short while... Read more
Fish and Eels Team Up to Catch Prey—Rare Among Animals (VIDEO)
Talk about lending a helping “fin”—groupers and eels in a coral reef work together to catch prey, a new study says. Previously, scientists had thought only humans and chimpanzees collaborated in this way, suggesting that teamwork may be more widespread in the animal kingdom than thought. (Also see “Groupers Use... Read more
New Ruger Scout Rifle in 5.56 NATO
Ruger just added a new rifle to it’s lineup, a Gunsite Scout in 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. I’ve shot numerous examples of the original .308 Ruger Scout rifles, and liked them so much that I added one to my collection. They are accurate, rugged and fun little pieces. For those... Read more
Boating And Water Safety Added To Driver’s Education Program
The Texas Education Agency has approved a parks and wildlife water safety program to educate young adults and teens who spend time boating, fishing, and swimming in Texas waterways. The newest video centers around testimonials of parents that have lost their children in water-recreation accidents. Tim Spice, Boater Education... Read more
Gummy Bears may be solution to killing wild hogs
As many problems as feral hogs cause landowners, especially on prime hunting lands both private and public, hunting clubs and others might be interested in ongoing research to kill them. That and other issues with wild hogs were discussed recently at a natural resource symposium in Baton Rouge. That... Read more
Tax-free Second Amendment weekend sees gun sales skyrocket (VIDEO)
Over the course of Mississippi’s inaugural three-day state mandated tax holiday on guns and ammo, stores across the state saw sales rise by as much as 600 percent. In March, a bill passed by large margins through the state legislature and signed by Republican Gov. Phil Bryant into law... Read more