Gun Stores Prepare for Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday in Mississippi
Gun-owners will want to set their sights on Mississippi gun stores this weekend. The state is participating in its first annual Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday – which exempts sales tax on individual sales of firearms, ammunition, archery equipment and certain hunting supplies. “Any gun, firearm-related ammunition, optics, that... Read more
Dove Forecast 2014 – Texas Parks and Wildlife (VIDEO)
September marks the opening of dove season bringing more than $300 million dollars to the state’s economy. Biologists say dove numbers have increased over last year which is good news for both veteran hunters and those who are new to the sport. A new app is now available that... Read more
Game wardens working more marijuana cultivation cases
Texas game wardens have recently been involved with four separate illegal marijuana cultivation cases in rural areas. “During the last two months, we have been involved in four large-scale marijuana ‘grows’ — two in Fort Bend County, and two in Polk County,” says Col. Craig Hunter, Texas Parks and... Read more
Bluegill Family Fishing Tournament September 27 at Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center
ATHENS, Texas—The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center’s annual Bluegill Family Fishing Tournament will take place on Saturday, September 27. Pre-registration is required. To request a registration form, visit http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/publications/nonpwdforms/media/bluegill_flyer.pdf or call (903) 670-2222. Mail registration must be received by Wednesday, September 24. You may register in person on the day... Read more
SIG unveils new 14+1 .45 ACP P227 TACOPS
SIG Sauer just shared photos of its newest P227, the Tactical Operations or TACOPS. And at long last, SIG is bringing extended 14-round for their double-stack .45 ACP P227s to the market — and the TACOPS will come with four of them. Announced late 2012, SIG launched the P227 in 2013 with... Read more
Swimmers Barely Dodge Shark Attack!
Two swimmers pay no mind to people yelling shark and think it’s a joke . . . until the shark comes above the water while chasing a sting ray. Then the swimmers decide it may be time to get out of the ocean! Take a look below! Source: KISS... Read more
Ruger announces ‘Flash Sweepstakes’ for mystery product
Ruger has just announced a “Flash Sweepstakes,” a giveaway with a short two-day window for a gun they’re planning to launch next week. We don’t know what they’re giving away and that’s part of the fun. What it could be is anyone’s guess, as Ruger makes a fantastic range... Read more
Duck blind removal decision ruffles feathers on Caddo
CADDO LAKE — Ruffled feathers were on display Tuesday at a state parks meeting to explain the removal of a 22-year exemption that allowed permanent duck blinds on traditional waterfowl hunting turf. “Is my feedback going to amount to anything, or am I just wasting my breath?” lifelong waterfowl... Read more