House of Representatives Votes to Block Virtually ALL of Washington DC’s Gun Laws
The House of Representatives today voted in favor of Washington DC gun owners. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) today offered an amendment to the House Spending Bill today that would essentially defund all gun control efforts in the nation’s capital. The amendment reads as follows, None of the funds made... Read more
Do sharks help predict hurricanes? (VIDEO)
MIAMI — Researchers in Florida are testing an unorthodox method of forecasting hurricanes. They’re trying to determine if sharks and other large fish can help them reliably predict the deadly storms. Hurricane Charlie packed wicked winds and killed more than a dozen people. Ten years and millions of dollars... Read more
Federal judge sides with open carry group in free speech suit (VIDEO)
Gun rights group Open Carry Tarrant County (OCTC) won the first round of a federal lawsuit against an effort by Arlington, Texas to prevent them from handing out literature at city intersections. The group had filed suit in May against the city to prevent enforcement of a local ordinance... Read more
Fisherman Describes Reeling In 482-Pound Halibut
(SANTA ANA, Calif.) — The California man who reeled in a 482-pound halibut off the coast of Alaska says his bait had an extra something at the end that, he joked, could have made the difference in snagging a fish nearly five times the weight of his usual catch.... Read more
Watch Something That Happens to Millions of Drivers a Year but Is Rarely Caught on Camera
In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that more than 1 million car-deer collisions happen each year. Odds are you probably know someone who has hit a deer. Still, the shock and trauma of such damaging events are rarely caught on camera. But in Russia where many have dashboard-mounted... Read more
See It in Action: ‘First-Ever Guided’ Bullet That Can Change Direction Mid-Flight Could ‘Revolutionize Rifle Accuracy’
A new bullet being developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency can change direction mid-flight to track down its target. The agency released a video late last week showing the “first-ever guided .50-caliber bullets” being tested in the field. “DARPA’s Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) program recently conducted... Read more
Anti-Hunting Activists Up In Arms Over Photo Of Steven Spielberg Next To ‘Poor Dead Animal’
See anything outrageous about this photo? Some animal rights activists did. The photo was posted from Jay Branscomb’s Facebook page as satire. Branscomb was poking fun at the controversy surrounding Kendall Jones’ hunting of exotic animals.  “Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a Triceratops he just slaughtered.... Read more
Huge Cubera Snapper Could Shatter Alabama State Record
A thirty-minute fight with a monster cubera snapper off the coast of Alabama may result in a new state record. Brett Rutledge and David Simms were trolling with live hardtail for mackerel in 170 feet of water about 40 miles off of Dauphin Island when something big hit one... Read more