Buffalo, bears and batteries — Oh My!
I have never used a vehicle makers headline before, but this one was just to good to not steal. I also apologize for the exclamation point but it also seemed like a perfect match.   I will forego the sub-title because it even made me cringe, but here is... Read more
Great white shark attacks and destroys a camera rig
A large great white shark destroys a camera by biting it, now the expensive equipment is on the bottom of the ocean off the coast of New Zealand Diver Andy Casagrande IV was using new camera gear for the first time on a project for Shark Week when the... Read more
Man used bleach to kill $20,000 worth of competitor’s bait fish, say cops
Alexander Ramer found a way to kill off the competition, say police. The Lake Worth man is accused of boating to a Boynton Beach man’s house and pouring bleach on the man’s live bait fish, killing at least $20,000 worth of them. The reason? Police say Ramer, 25, is... Read more
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Grants Itself Authority to Shut Down Any Business at Anytime…Guess What Industry is First on the List…
Last week the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, through the power of Dodd-Frank, passed a rule giving the agency unprecedented power to shut down businesses, no matter what the reason, at any time it wishes through a cease-and-desist order. Further, the rule puts businesses at the mercy of the CFPB... Read more
On All Continents Except One, There Are Spiders That Actually Do This
The image of a spider sitting in a web just waiting for its prey — usually an insect — to become trapped doesn’t apply to all arachnids. In fact, scientists recently found more spiders than previously thought exhibit semi-aquatic lifestyles. That’s right: There are spiders out there with the... Read more
Video Recounts History of First ShareLunker, a Fish Called Ethel
ATHENS—A seven-minute video about the most famous largemouth bass ever caught in Texas is now available for viewing on YouTube. “The Legend of Ethel” tells the story of how a 17.67-pound bass caught in November 1986 became the first fish entered into Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s ShareLunker Program... Read more
Five Persons Sentenced in Connection with Texas Game Warden Assaults
AUSTIN — One of two men arrested last fall for assaulting two Texas game wardens following a high-speed pursuit in Limestone County has been sentenced to 30 years in prison following guilty pleas to five felonies stemming from the case. Four other individuals whose role in the case became... Read more
California: Ammunition Registration Bill Still Pending on Assembly Floor, Vote Likely this Thursday
Yesterday, the state Assembly did not take up anti-gun Senate Bill 53, so it is still awaiting its final vote.  The next chance for SB 53 to be considered on the Assembly floor is this Thursday, June 19.   It’s CRITICAL that you contact your state Assemblyman TODAY and urge... Read more