Game Warden Field Notes
The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Bird on a Wire A Shelby County game warden received a call about a red-tailed hawk being shot off a power line. When he arrived he found the hawk, and interviewed the witness. The... Read more
How many iPhones does it take to stop a bullet? (VIDEO)
The guys at Everything Apple Pro must have had a bunch of extra iPhones taking up space because they decided to see how many it took to stop a 5.45mm round from an AK-74. The question is, how many iPhones you would have to have in your pocket in order... Read more
Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Bass and Bass Fishing?
Bass fishing is serious business. From the multi-billion dollar fishing industry to a sport that now rivals NASCAR, bass have become one of North America’s most cherished game fish. Due to that, it also receives a lot of attention from biologists and other researchers to see just what makes these... Read more
‘No open carry’ signs are likely to trigger next Texas gun debate
AUSTIN — The next tussle over Texas’ new open carry law is likely to come over one of its more mundane requirements: signs. Starting in January, licensed Texans will be able to openly carry handguns in belt or shoulder holsters. Business owners who want patrons to leave their weapons... Read more
Texas Leads The Nation In Animal-Related Deaths
How’s this for a state slogan? Texas: Your Leader In Animal-Related Fatalities Since 1999. Just keep it in mind, Texas Parks and Wildlife. If nothing else, it’s true — the Washington Post reported yesterday that there were 356 animal-caused fatalities in Texas between 1999 and 2013, more than any other state... Read more
Texas: Right to Hunt and Fish Constitutional Amendment will Appear as Proposition 6 on the November 2015 Ballot!
This morning, the Texas Secretary of State’s office held a drawing to determine the ballot position of constitutional amendments that will be considered by voters on November 3, 2015.  We are pleased to announce that NRA-backed Senate Joint Resolution 22, sponsored by state Representative Trent Ashby (R-Lufkin) and state Senator Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe), will appear... Read more
CCA STAR: Third Tagged Redfish Winner Confirmed
After experiencing some really good fishing two days prior, Katy resident, Cuong Nguyen, was feeling all fished out until some friends talked him into joining them at the last minute on Friday, June 5. They launched out of the Galveston Yacht Basin and headed to the North jetties. Within... Read more
Pink rattlesnake found near construction site in Utah (VIDEO)
SALT LAKE CITY — A pink rattlesnake was found in the foothills near the University of Utah Hospital. Director of Reptile Rescue Jim Dix said he believes it was likely a construction worker who used ground-marking equipment to paint the 3-4 foot venomous snake. “It’s animal cruelty,” Dix said.... Read more