Storm Chaser Pulls Over to Record Gathering Clouds…Then Gets the Shock of His Life
When storm chaser Scott Sheppard pulled his vehicle to the side of a road to shoot video of a gathering storm near Fairburn, South Dakota, all was well. Gentle raindrops. Mesmerizing beauty of the high plains. There even were a couple of rainbows in the distant horizon. Then seconds... Read more
Angler hauls in monster fish off Louisiana shore
Venice, LA (KMSS) — A Houston resident will soon have his name etched high in the Louisiana record books for a massive fish he hauled in last weekend. On Saturday, Cullen Greer caught a 297-pound Warsaw Grouper while next to an offshore rig in 500- to 600-feet of water. The... Read more
Texas Students Place in National Archery Shootout
AUSTIN—  Two hundred and seventy seven Texas students competed for the shot of a lifetime at the 11th annual National Archery in the Schools Tournament. “The journey to the National NASP Tournament is sometimes years in the making for these students,” says Burnie Kessner, Archery Coordinator for Texas Parks... Read more
Designs for 3D-printable AR-15 Bullpup Lower Released
Roughly one year ago OutdoorHub reported on a design for a 3D-printed hybrid AR-15/FN P90 lower receiver known as the “Charon.” Recently, the amateur firearms designer behind the Charon released the blueprints for a unique lower that is rapidly drawing attention in the gun community. “This is an AR-15... Read more
Meet the .45 Raptor: .460 S&W Magnum for semi-auto rifles
The .45 Raptor is one beast of a cartridge. Designed by Arne Brennan, the .45 Raptor is new cartridge that replicates .460 S&W Magnum performance in a package tailor-made for semi-automatic rifles.  When fired from a rifle-length barrel the ballistics put other big-bore cartridges to shame, including .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM... Read more
Texas man hits 1MOA target at 2.07 miles!
RATON, NM — Billy Carter, a native of Spring, Texas, hit a 1 MOA target from a distance of 2.07 miles at the NRA Whittington U Long Distance Range last week. Carter improved the accuracy of his 2013 record, shooting a CheyTac USA M200 Intervention® chambered in .375 CheyTac... Read more
Rare Sawfish Caught in South Florida
ABC US News | ABC International News A group of south Florida fishermen reeled in a rare sawfish over the weekend, capturing the exciting feat on video. It took Dustin Richter and pals more than two hours to wrangle the 11-foot long, 500-pound creature during a midnight fishing trip... Read more
Mysterious deepwater fish found along NC coast
NAGS HEAD, NC (WBTV) -Photos of a mysterious deepwater fish are going viral on social media after the strange looking fish washed up along the North Carolina coast on Monday. The fish, believed to be a lancetfish, washed onto the shore along Nags Head, along the Outer Banks, just... Read more