Open-carry groups call to stop carry of long arms into private businesses
Following public backlash after open-carry activists brought long arms into popular restaurants, four open-carry groups issued a directive to their members Wednesday asking them to halt the practice. This follows a notable incident in a Texas Jack in the Box,  and another at a Chipotle restaurant, in which gun-rights... Read more
[Video] 8 Year Old Schoolboy Reprimanded For Thinking a Cloud Looked Like a Gun During Assignment
So I think we’re officially to the point where our public schools are punishing children for their imagination. According to KKTV, Second grader Kody Smith was assigned to go outside, look at the clouds, and then use his imagination to draw what he saw. “Draw a picture of what... Read more
Fed court finds search, seizure of guns OK without warrant or evidence of crime
  A U.S. circuit court of appeals gave its blessing last week to the search of a gun enthusiast’s home, as well as the seizure of her weapons, while lacking both search warrant and evidence that she had committed a crime. The case originated three years ago when Krysta... Read more
Scientists tagging sharks in Gulf to predict hurricane intensity
Fifty sharks, tuna, tarpon and billfish are swimming around the Gulf of Mexico right now fitted with satellite-linked tags to help scientists track water temperatures and perhaps one day help improve hurricane forecasting. The devices were put there by researchers at the University of Miami who have tagged a... Read more
Fish-attracting Structures Benefit Canyon Lake Anglers
ATHENS—Fishing in Canyon Lake received a boost in May thanks to a habitat improvement project carried out by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and local conservation groups. Fish-attracting structures were placed into the lake by volunteers from the Canyon Bass Club chapter of Friends of Reservoirs along with... Read more
Crime The Major Hunting and Outdoors Store at the Center of a Big Gun Lawsuit
Dawn Nguyen was sentenced to 16 months in prison Monday after pleading guilty last month to falsifying firearms forms in June 2010 at a Gander Mountain store Rochester, New York. There she was accompanied by William Spengler, who wasn’t allowed by purchase a gun because he had previously been... Read more
Another week of huge GM recalls: is your vehicle listed here?
There has to be a better way…or maybe not.   General Motors continues to parcel out recall notices with a new bunch (2.42-million vehicles) today and 2.7-million late last week.  I suspect there is a strategy here since GM has its new first-ever tsar for global quality, a new... Read more
WATCH: Viral Time-lapse Video Captures ‘Epic’ Severe Storm in Wyoming
Take a look at a viral, time-lapse video of a supercell spotted in northeast Wyoming near Clareton Sunday by Basehunters Chasers: “These low precipitation supercells are usually found in the Plains or northern Rockies as they form along a boundary dividing dry air to the west and more moist... Read more