St. Louis PD to auction off $1 million worth of Tommy guns to buy new weapons (VIDEO)
In a case of recycling old for new, the St. Louis Metro Police Department wants to auction off 30 vintage Thompson submachine guns, worth an estimated $1 million, to buy new sidearms. The guns are the remnants of up to 75 acquired by the department to equip special units... Read more
New Cartridge: 458 dropbear
Inspired by the recent introduction of the 45 Raptor, an Australian shooter using the screen name of Quan-Time worked up another bigbore round based on the 308 Winchester case. The new round is called the 458 dropbear. Read full story here Source: The Firearms Blog Read more
Intense Video Showing Dog Face Off With Cobra Goes Viral — and Stirs Controversy: ‘Are You Insane?’
A new video posted online Monday shows a dog face off with a Cobra — and it’s getting a lot of attention online. While the video did not specify when or where the incident occurred, it did note that it features a Jack Russell Terrier and a Cape Cobra,... Read more
Video: Anglers Engulfed by Massive Fog Wall
Two anglers fishing in Northern Michigan’s Platte Bay last month witnessed a strange meteorological event: a wall of fog. According to The Detroit News, Andrew Ballard and his father debated whether to stay or pull in their lines and head to shore. In the end, their curiosity got the... Read more
‘Open Carry Texas’ President: ‘I’m Leaving the NRA’
HOUSTON, Texas–Armed members of the activist group Open Carry Texas (OCT) were asked to leave Sonic and Chili’s restaurants last month after they entered with AK-47’s in full display. In response to footage of the events, which received national press coverage, the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) released a statement on May 30... Read more
Video: Florida Black Bear Climbs into Hammock
Scrounging for food can be a tiring process, and one black bear in Daytona Beach decided to sleep off its recent meal by taking a rest in a hammock. According to WESH, local photographer Rafael Torres shot several pictures of the bear as it tried getting into the hammock... Read more
10 best family cars named by Parents Magazine and Edmunds.com
I’ll call this story a pass through since I am just going to report this rather than adding much commentary.  Suffice to say, I think this is a good list but don’t necessarily agree with all of the choices and would have named a few others in lieu of... Read more
Toyota brings TRD Pro trucks to outdoor professionals
Outdoor writers are a tough audience. They drive their trucks and SUVs into places that sportsmen want to read about and experience.  It is their stock in trade.  No wonder Toyota brought the 2015 TRD Pro Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner to the national outdoor writers conference in McAllen, TX... Read more