Mystery fish baffles experts after washing up in Tathra
THERE is something fishy happening in the waters off Tathra. A random find on a morning stroll has sparked an international scientific mystery as a fish of unknown origins continues to leave experts baffled. Tathra local Don Cotterill became involved in this fishy tale when a friend asked him... Read more
Antlerless Buck Battles Rival with Full Rack, Guess Who Wins [VIDEO]
No antlers? No problem. The antlerless buck in this video proves he’s one tough son of a gun as he goes head to head with a rival buck carrying a full rack. Take a wild guess which one wins the fight. You might be surprised. We don’t know when this video was filmed,... Read more
Anti-Gunner Gets Mad When Guns Bought in “Buyback” Were Auctioned Off to be Sold to Public
You mad bro? Yeah, you mad. (Obligatory internet reference). It looks an anti-gun activist in Georgia is upset that over 40 guns that were purchased in a gun “buyback” (still don’t understand that word) were auctioned off to dealers to be sold back to the general public. Not sure... Read more
Whale Shark Sneaks Up on Diver, Hear His Reaction
A videographer filming a spear fisherman under water probably didn’t think that he would become the star of a new viral video. While focused on the diver and another fish, the videographer didn’t realize something much larger was creeping toward him. When the fisherman pointed and the videographer turned... Read more
A Massive ‘Red Tide’ Is Threatening Florida Beaches — and Scientists Haven’t Seen One So Large in Nearly a Decade
A toxic red tide blooming off the coast of Florida has killed about one-thousand sea creatures and may soon pose a minor health threat to humans. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the red tide occurs when Karenia brevis, a microscopic algae, begins to multiply quickly in numbers. The red... Read more
Scientists want end to traditional trophy fishing of threatened species
An international angling group should stop awarding weight-based world records for fish species threatened with extinction, researchers argue in a new study. The awards encourage the killing of the heaviest, most fecund fish, the scientists say, and should be replaced by conservation-friendlier records based on length. Since 1939, the... Read more
Strapping a Camera to a Shark Is as Awesome as You’d Expect
Scientists love to research sharks, probably because they’re the badasses of the sea. But despite decades of analysis, some basic behaviors of Earth’s most infamous predator remain a mystery. How do sharks move when pursuing prey? Do they avoid other shark species? So a team of biologists from the... Read more
Introducing ‘the Chassis’ by WMD Guns
WMD Guns of Stuart, Fla. has recently announced a different kind of AR-15. Called “the Chassis,” this rifle is sold with no accessories, leaving all the final decisions up to the buyer. The idea is simple: sell a more-or-less assembled rifle, only without any furniture, sights or magazines. This... Read more