Fish market owner to release 18-pound lobster
SCITUATE – The 18-pound, barnacle-encrusted lobster had seen better days. After evading for at least 75 years the fate met by countless other crustaceans, he found himself in an offshore trawler, ultimately ending up in the tank at Mullaney’s Fish Market in Scituate. Luckily for the lobster, store owner... Read more
Obama’s Latest Executive Order Slapping Russia With Sanctions Could Affect Some AK-47-Owning Americans
In response to Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine, the U.S. government has issued a number of new sanctions against Russian companies. Among the companies targeted is Kalashnikov Concern, the arms manufacturing company that makes AK-47s. Under the new sanctions, Americans who own a Kalashnikov Concern product, like an AK-47,... Read more
Alaska Man Uses .45 Handgun to Kill 9ft Grizzly Trying to Get Into His House
Not going to include this one in our formal count of defensive gun uses since we usually don’t count animal encounters, but it is certainly an example of using a firearm to possibly save lives. In this case, an Alaska man had to use his .45ACP handgun to shoot... Read more
Battle of man vs. fish captured by photographer
SARASOTA, Fla. — The old adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ holds true for the picture of Nick Halloran fighting a huge tarpon from his paddle board. The young avid fisherman, who lives in Lakewood Ranch, had a summer goal to catch a tarpon from his stand-up... Read more
He Was Simply Trying to Kill a Spider…With a Blowtorch…Guess How It Ended
SEATTLE (AP) — A man who used a can of spray paint and a lighter as a makeshift blowtorch to kill a spider in his laundry room started a blaze that caused $60,000 worth of damage, Seattle fire officials said Wednesday. The man and his mother got out of the... Read more
House of Representatives Votes to Block Virtually ALL of Washington DC’s Gun Laws
The House of Representatives today voted in favor of Washington DC gun owners. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) today offered an amendment to the House Spending Bill today that would essentially defund all gun control efforts in the nation’s capital. The amendment reads as follows, None of the funds made... Read more
Do sharks help predict hurricanes? (VIDEO)
MIAMI — Researchers in Florida are testing an unorthodox method of forecasting hurricanes. They’re trying to determine if sharks and other large fish can help them reliably predict the deadly storms. Hurricane Charlie packed wicked winds and killed more than a dozen people. Ten years and millions of dollars... Read more
Federal judge sides with open carry group in free speech suit (VIDEO)
Gun rights group Open Carry Tarrant County (OCTC) won the first round of a federal lawsuit against an effort by Arlington, Texas to prevent them from handing out literature at city intersections. The group had filed suit in May against the city to prevent enforcement of a local ordinance... Read more