Only a Lumberjack Would Remove a Milk Jug Stuck on a Bear’s Head Like This
A calm Wisconsin corn field, the stalks just starting to reach knee high, was disrupted by a black bear in distress, a metal milk jug wedged on his head. The bear’s rescuer was an unlikely source. A lumberjack riding a piece of heavy machinery trudged through the field and somehow... Read more
This Idiot is NOT a Responsible Gun Owner and IS NOT One of Ours
A gentleman by the name of “Todd Lo” on Facebook posted the following images to the Target Facebook page along with a message that read, You can’t protect me and my family nor replace them in an event a psycho murders one of my family members. My right is... Read more
UPDATE: Facebook deletes Texas cheerleader’s hunting photos after outcry
Facebook recently deleted big game hunting photos posted by Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones, 19, after determining they violated their standards. Guns.com previously reported that Kendall loves hunting big game, and makes no apologies for it. She’s posted many photos of her hunts to her Facebook account, but after... Read more
Myth-Busting: 1″ per Yard Shotgun Pattern Spreads
We can’t even begin to count the amount of times we’ve read, been told or heard someone say that shotgun patterns spread about 1″ per yard after exiting the barrel.  The old adage predicts, if a shooter is 10-yards from his target, the pattern will be 10″ and 15″... Read more
Man attacked by gator in Houston lake
A Houston man was simply on a fishing trip, but he picked the wrong lake. The lake was filled about 100 gators, and one of them attacked. It was eight feet long  with about 80 teeth. Alex Versace, a witness, said, “The gator was just you know attacking him... Read more
5 truly weird fish caught off Baja
Baja California Sur is paradise for anglers. Whether on the Pacific side of the peninsula, or in the Sea of Cortez, beautiful marlin, tuna, and other game fish abound. But Baja waters also serve up more than their share of peculiar, bizarre-looking, or downright otherworldly denizens. Some fairly recent... Read more
Inside the World’s Largest Gathering of Snakes
The National Geographic grantee recently gained new appreciation for the reptiles while photographing the world’s largest gathering of snakes in the Narcisse Snake Dens of Manitoba, Canada (map). Each spring, masses of red-sided garter snakes congregate inside limestone caves to form mating balls, in which up to a hundred... Read more
Bowhunter Attempts Shot on Trophy Buck, How He Misses Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]
We’ve all seen some near-misses, but this is absurd. Bowhunting requires an extreme amount of skill – stalking up to your prey, keeping your draw from shaking, and most of all trusting your aim, because very rarely do you get a second shot. This bowhunter from an unknown area... Read more