Bird Snatches Dog from Washington Homeowner’s Property
Aerial predators, especially golden eagles or large hawks, have a fearsome reputation for being able to fly off with their prey. Wildlife biologists contend that attacks on household pets are very rare, but one Washington woman said that is exactly what happened to her seven-pound Shih Tzu late last... Read more
24 species of sharks that have killed fewer people than Jack Bauer on 24
After four long years of being cancelled, Fox finally brought back ’24′ this week! Star Kiefer Sutherland plays Jack Bauer, a counter-terrorism agent and general badass. Jack has had to kill in the line of duty many times. In fact, as of this past Monday’s premiere of “24: Live Another... Read more
Man Sets Record with 126-pound Fish in Mississippi
The following is a press release from the Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources: The Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources (MCMR) certified a Mississippi recreational saltwater conventional tackle record during its April 15 meeting. Don Wheeler of Laurel broke the state conventional record for greater amberjack with a 126-pound fish... Read more
Hop on! Moment frog hitches a ride on the back of a GOLDFISH captured on camera
This is the moment a lazy frog saw his opportunity and hitched a ride from one side of a garden pond to the other, on the back of a goldfish. The laid-back amphibian leapt on to the bright orange fish and clung on for dear life, gripping on with... Read more
Open Carry event at Texas Jack in the Box draws police response (VIDEO)
An open carry protest in a Fort Worth-area Jack in the Box last week ended with controversy, calls to local law enforcement, and a fracture inside a well-known Texas Second Amendment group. According to reports in the local media, a peaceful open-carry event ended up with more than a... Read more
TPWD Seeking Information from Hand-fishing Anglers
ATHENS—Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is seeking additional information to learn more about the practice of hand fishing for catfish in the state. Also known as noodling or grabbling, hand fishing was legalized in Texas in 2011. “Because it is so new to our state, we are hoping... Read more
Rep. Cassidy offers bill that expands definition of antique firearms
WASHINGTON — Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge says he’ll introduce legislation to extend the definition of “antique firearms,” which can be sold without going through a federally licensed firearms dealer. The action was praised by the National Rifle Association (NRA), the Louisiana Shooters Association and other gun rights groups.... Read more
This $400,000 Item From the Gov’t Accidentally Arrived at His Doorstep — Here’s How He Says UPS Responded
How do you call in and explain this one to UPS? Hey there — I think you just delivered a secret government drone to my house, and it definitely isn’t mine. Reddit user Seventy_Seven says he tried to do just that when he received a mysterious package that looked... Read more