Hilarious Fishing Fails Compilation (VIDEO)
Check out this awesome fishing fails compilation from the folks over at AngryTiger007 on Youtube. This will surely put you in a good mood this morning. Watch the video below: Source: AngryTiger007 via Youtube Read more
Snake Bites Increasing With More North Texas Rain
kcentv.com – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen (NBC News) — North Texas doctors say with all the rain and flooding forcing wild animals out of their natural habitats, they are seeing a spike in snake bites this spring. On average Children’s Health in Dallas sees about a... Read more
Lion kills American tourist at South Africa animal park (video)
An American woman was killed Monday and another man injured when a lion jumped through the open window of their car as they drove through an animal park in South Africa. “We had a gentleman and a lady driving with the windows wide open,” Scott Simpson, assistant operations manager of... Read more
Cowboys and law enforcement corral cows through Texas flooding to safety (VIDEO)
Local law enforcement, along with about 50 cowboys – all on horseback – and numerous other volunteers, teamed up over the weekend in Texas to save several hundred head of cattle from rapidly rising flood waters. The owner of the cattle, Pat Hencey, began to lead the animals away... Read more
Louisiana Black Bear to be Removed From Endangered Species List
Louisiana -(Ammoland.com)- Thanks to a highly successful public-private partnership spanning more than two decades, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced today that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to remove the Louisiana black bear – the inspiration for the “Teddy Bear” –... Read more
Huge swimming snake eats catfish in incredible photo
The Iowa DNR confirmed Thursday the animal as a Northern water snake, a non-venomous animal. Jessie Brown of the DNR said Thursday in an email that some may be concerned this is a cottonmouth, commonly called a water moccasin, which is venemous. But those are not found in Iowa.... Read more
Flooding to blame for fish deaths near Wesley Seale Dam
CORPUS CHRISTI — An unusual scene when several dozen alligator gar were found trapped in fence links near the Wesley E. Seale Dam. A KRIS 6 viewer shared the photo with us so we went to check it out for ourselves. Texas Parks and Wildlife says this all happened... Read more
Hawaii Angler Dies after Being Impaled by Swordfish
A charter boat captain in Kona, Hawaii died on Friday after being impaled in the chest by a 40-pound swordfish. According to KHON2, 47-year-old Randy Llanes spotted a broadbill swordfish in Hobokohau Harbor and decided to go in after it with a speargun. Harbor employees and witnesses watched as Llanes dove... Read more

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