Lake Waco volunteer group installs ‘crappie condos’ to improve fishing
Here’s a tip for Lake Waco anglers: The newest hangout for fish is in the waters beneath the Twin Bridges. Actually, it’s an open secret that a new Lake Waco advocacy group wants you to know about. The Friends of Lake Waco recently teamed with the Texas Parks and... Read more
Minnesota Man Accused of Drowning Trophy Buck with Pontoon Boat
Officials with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) say a Mahnomen County man faces charges of animal cruelty after he allegedly used a pontoon boat to harass a large buck in Tulaby Lake early in September, which resulted in the deer drowning… Read full story on OutdoorHub.com Read more
Supreme Court Will Refuse To Hear “Assault Weapons” Ban Case. Here’s Why.
According to MSNBC, a 2013 “assault weapon” ban passed in a Chicago suburb may be taken up by the United States Supreme Court as early as tomorrow. The U.S. Supreme Court could announce as early as Tuesday whether it will hear a challenge to a suburban Chicago law banning firearms... Read more
Giant Intake Vortex – Denison Dam, Lake Texoma (VIDEO)
Check out this drone video of an intake vortex at Lake Texoma: The video descriptions explains what is causing the vortex: “Here’s a very unique view of an intake vortex, created as water enters the Denison Dam spillway on Lake Texoma. The vortex is approximately 8 feet in diameter... Read more
Check Out This Rare “Sofa Shark” That Was Caught Near Scotland
Marine biologists off the coast of Scotland have caught an aesthetically challenged creature that has drawn derisive howls and pointed fingers from gawking crowds around the world. It has been compared to a “blob” and beaten up on by cyberbullies who wouldn’t dare look this creature in the eye and utter such things.... Read more
2016 Ford Super Duty is previewed at State Fair of Texas
The State Fair of Texas is the state’s largest and most influential auto show with more than a million attendees checking out what’s new in cars and — especially — in trucks; and Ford took the opportunity last week to take the wraps off of its 2016 Super Duty... Read more
Texas man recovering following bear attack
A Texas man mauled by a brown bear near Skilak Lake Tuesday night is recovering at Central Peninsula Hospital from what troopers have called serious injuries. Troopers say Gregory Matthews, 47, was out hunting moose when a brown bear with cubs attacked shortly after 6 p.m. near Doroshin Bay.... Read more
Oops! Wal-Mart’s ‘Gun Oil’ turns out to be something you won’t believe (VIDEO)
Accidental investigative reporter Jamie Lee Bracey was shopping in the guns section at his local Alabama Wal-Mart last week when he found “Gun Oil,” a water-based solution for topical use only. The H2O piqued his interest because he’s always known water to be a bad thing to apply to metal.... Read more