Funding Grants Now Available for Target Range Construction, Improvements
AUSTIN – Target range and recreational shooting facilities looking to expand or improve their operations, grants are now available through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to help fund construction and enhancements to shooting or archery ranges. TPWD, with support from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of... Read more
ATF confiscate 3,000 guns from Stag Arms over NFA violations
Federal agents seized thousands of gun parts and documents from New Britain gun maker Stag Arms LLC today. According to court documents, an investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives revealed that Stag failed to comply with the National Firearms Act when agents found 3,000 unserialized machine gun lower... Read more
Video: Ravens Attack Bear Climbing Electric Tower to Eat Their Eggs
How far will one bear go for some scrambled eggs? If they’re hungry enough, they sky’s the limit—literally. This brave bear apparently decided to climb a massive electric tower just to pilfer some eggs from what appeared to be a raven’s nest. The encounter was photographed by Mossberg’s Director of Media... Read more
PSA: Respect Binary Explosives – They Can and Will (Try To) Kill You (VIDEO)
I’ll admit it, I am completed enthralled with binary explosves like Tannerite. Having said that, I use them with extreme caution, typically on sanctioned ranges under good conditions at minimum safe distances. Those that do not heed the warnings risk life and limb. FPSRussia’s infamous video is the most... Read more
Video: Bobcat Squares Off with Coyote
In their respective niches, the bobcat and coyote are two of the most successful small predators in North America. Yet what happens when you put these two not-so-apex predators up against one another? A lucky bike rider managed to capture this rarely-seen confrontation on tape while at River Legacy... Read more
Hiker stumbles upon massive snake pit while hiking
For those of you who know our Editor in Chief, Chester Moore, you would know this is something he would absolutely love to stumble upon.  For the rest of us, the thought of coming across this many snakes in one place could be terrifying. Check out this video that... Read more
Severe Weather Affects Texas State Parks
AUSTIN— Numerous storms have rolled through much of the state recently, and the volume of much needed rain is having impacts on some state parks. Affected parks include: Bonham State Park: All camping and day use areas remain open and accessible. The lake is full and open to the... Read more
North Texas Woman Recovering from Venomous Snake Bite (VIDEO)
A Greenville woman is living proof that snake bites can demand immediate attention. “If I had not received treatment when I did I would have lost my arm,” Lori Ulmer said Friday from her hospital bed at the Hunt Regional Medical Center. Ulmer was in her backyard Wednesday, just... Read more