Hornady issues recall for single Lot of Critical Duty 9mm ammo
Hornady Mfg Company issued a recall of a single lot of its Critical Duty 9mm ammo on July 31 due to “light or no powder charges.” The company said its Hornady Critical Duty 9mm 135 grain +P ammunition with item number “90226″ and lot number “3141635″. Additionally, it shipped... Read more
California Beachgoers Capture Something on Camera That Scientists Haven’t Seen in About a Decade: ‘It’s a Little Out of Whack
California beachgoers turned to social media this week to post photos online depicting thousands of blue sea creatures washing ashore  — a phenomenon scientists say they haven’t seen in about a decade. According to experts, it’s likely the large colony of creatures, known as Velella velella, turned up on... Read more
Scientists Were Filming Deep-Sea Snailfish in a Feeding Frenzy When They Unexpectedly Caught a Different Creature on Camera for the First Time
If the recent story about the octopus that watched over her nest for four-and-a-half years taught us anything, it’s that there’s still much to learn about deep-sea dwelling creatures. Here’s yet another case. For the first time, scientists filmed an elusive amphipod that is like a shrimp but much... Read more
Calico lobster a hit in Hampton
HAMPTON — An extremely rare marine creature has been creating quite a buzz around Hampton Beach since a local fisherman pulled it from the mouth of Hampton Harbor last week. Josiah Beringer found a bright orange calico lobster with dark blue spots in one of his traps July 23... Read more
Deep-sea octopus guards eggs longer than any other animal
MONTEREY, Calif., July 30 (UPI) —A deep-sea octopus called Graneledone boreopacifica is giving helicopter parents a run for their money. Overprotective mothers may dote for twenty-plus years, but they don’t smother (literally) their children for 4.5 years. That’s how long these cephalopods sit on their eggs — 53 months,... Read more
Army Reveals Little In Modular Handgun System Industry Day
The U.S. military held their industry day for the Modular Handgun System (MHS) yesterday, taking questions from potential vendors. The questions taken from the vendors and the program team’s responses will be posted on the Federal Business Opportunities web site in coming days. Very little news has changed from the... Read more
The Next ‘Shot Heard ‘Round the World’ May Be Fired In Texas
Editors Note: I normally try to shy away from posting politically driven news on the site that is not related to the second amendment.  In the past we have not always taken this stance, but we are working to keep the site fish and game related.  The crisis on... Read more
RestoreTheTexasCoast.org is Unveiled
The State of Texas has unveiled restorethetexascoast.org, a dedicated online resource for Deepwater Horizon oil spill recovery efforts. Restorethetexascoast.org features links and background information on the three funding sources available, RESTORE (Resources & Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities and Revived Economies of the Gulf Coast States), NFWF/GEBP (Gulf Environmental Benefit... Read more