Congress working on bill to de-militarize federal regulatory agencies
Following a host of federal agencies moving to equip their inspectors with military-grade weapons, some on Capitol Hill are calling for their disarmament. The proposed legislation takes issue with the growing creep of federal SWAT-type units that have been forming since the 2002 Homeland Security Act granted various agency Offices... Read more
College student with stalker denied right to carry on campus
Taylor Woolrich, a student at Dartmouth College who has a possibly dangerous stalker, fears she has to drop out since the Ivy League school won’t let her carry on campus. The 20-year old student at the historic university in Hanover, New Hampshire, is terrified that a past acquaintance, 67-year... Read more
Bear walking upright like a man video: No hoax, bear walks this way for a reason
A bear walking upright like a man is caught on video as he strolls through a N.J. neighborhood. While folks first thought this was a hoax and nothing more than a man in a bear suit, experts say it is the real deal and they think they know the... Read more
Giant jellyfish spotted in the Adriatic for first time since Second World War
A giant, fuchsia-pink jellyfish has been spotted in the Adriatic Sea for the first time in 70 years. The Drymonema dalmatinum, which can grow to more than three feet in diameter, was photographed by amateur divers off the northern coast of Italy. It is one of the rarest jellyfish... Read more
Florida Considers Allowing Hunters to Use Silencers (Suppressors) While Hunting
Next month Florida will consider proposed changes that would make the Sunshine State the most recent to allow hunters to use silencers (suppressors) during hunting. According to The Sun-Sentinel, Hunters of deer, turkey and other animals in Florida may soon be able to operate with lethal stealth under a... Read more
Watch Two Men Hit 45 MPH in Nothing but Kayaks and a Few Inches of Water
WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE Two famous Canadian kayakers recently strapped GoPros to their gear and took their sport out of the river and into a concrete drainage ditch in the small town of Lion’s Bay near Vancouver. The resulting video depicts the two daredevils, Ben Marr and Rush Sturges, dropping... Read more
Fourth Grader in Georgia Suspended Three Days For Bringing Nerf Gun to Show and Tell
Here we go again. Georgia is only in its first week of the of the 2014/15 school year and we’re already seeing anti-gun hysteria rearing its ugly head. A fourth grade student was told to bring some of his favorite things to play with into a school for a... Read more
Shark eyes designed to catch photons in twilight zone
The unique eye structure of deep-sea bioluminescent sharks helps them survive in the twilight zone, a study has found. Detailed mapping of the eye structure of five species of bioluminescent sharks reveals they have a higher rod densities than other sharks, report a team of international researchers in the... Read more