Man drags 4-foot shark back into ocean (VIDEO)
TORONTO – A fisherman had to wrestle a four foot shark back into the ocean after it got a little too close to beachgoers on a South Carolina beach Friday. Video of the wrestling match was captured by Stephanie Byrdic of Myrtle Beach. She told WMBF News a man... Read more
Target ‘respectfully’ says no guns in our stores
As the tug and war battle between Open Carry Texas and gun control groups continues, another national chain gave way. The retailer Target asked that open carriers leave their guns at home on July 2. “As you’ve likely seen in the media, there has been a debate about whether... Read more
Dead sharks found in illegal gill net off South Padre Island
A spokesperson for the U.S. Coast Guard Tuesday said crews in South Texas located and recovered a gill net with 65 deceased sharks Monday. Around 2 p.m., an aircrew aboard an HU-25 Falcon airplane spotted floating fishing gear approximately 20 miles off South Padre Island and 37 miles north... Read more
Texas Tech Cheerleader Infuriates Animal Rights Activists
HOUSTON, Texas–Nineteen-year-old Texan Kendall Jones is a Texas Tech University Cheerleader, an aspiring-television host, and a hunter. She has also drawn the ire from animal rights groups and activist for hunting and posting pictures of her recent hunts in Africa. Jones was nine when she went on her first... Read more
Pro-Gun, Pro-Hunting and Pro-Carry Laws Went Into Effect in Several States Today
July 1st marks the day that laws go into effect in several states. Thanks to pro-gun efforts in many states, many residents across the country will see many of their gun related rights restored to varying degrees. Georgia The so-called “guns everywhere bill” (as it was called by anti-gunners)... Read more
Understanding Ballistics in Home Defense
The Outdoor Channel performed some tests of common home defense rounds and what they do when interacting with drywall. The video seems a bit skewed in terms of what they recommend and what the results of the test were. For example, the use of an AR. In the video,... Read more
2-headed alligator causing a stir after photo goes viral on web
TAMPA – An image of a 2-headed alligator is creating a buzz on the web and is raising eyebrows at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The photo that’s causing the stir is from the Tumbler blog of Tampa artist Justin Alan Arnold.  It shows an alligator that... Read more
Vampire squid pays surprise visit to Gulf of Mexico explorers
Scientists using a remotely-operated vehicle to explore the depths of Gulf of Mexico on Friday marveled at the sight of rarely-observed vampire squid, swimming lazily above the sea floor. The sighting was documented by the crew aboard EVNautilus, and the footage shows the fascinating cephalopod moving slowly, yet gracefully... Read more