Gun rights group calls out White House over definition of Second Amendment
Gun Owners of America posted an open letter to President Obama Tuesday to correct what they feel is a false description of the Second Amendment on the White House website. The gun rights group, who claim to represent some 300,000 members and supporters, state that the abbreviated explanation on... Read more
Cabela’s Exclusive 1911 Pistols
Magnum Research announced the introduction of four Desert Eagle 1911 guns to be sold exclusively through the outdoor retailer Cabela’s. The first two guns use cast carbon steel frames with a gray Cerakote finish. The matte black slides are machined from solid billets of steel. A 5″ barrel “G”... Read more
Debunking The Steel Case Ammo Myth
Like many of you, I’ve heard people claim for years that steel-cased ammo will increase wear and tear on your firearms. The “conventional wisdom” is that steel-case ammo is harder than brass-cased ammo, a “fact” that this video seems to debunk. Thoughts? Source: BearingArms.com Read more
Hippo tot is tossed around by crocodile after young animal is snatched while its mother had her back turned
Splashing around in the water with macabre glee, a crocodile flings a young hippo calf around in its jaws like a rag doll. The giant predator reared out of the water to reveal the tiny carcass after apparently snatching its prey while its mother’s back was turned. Amateur photographer... Read more
Glock Single Stack 9mm Coming This Year? The Top Glock Salesman in the US Says…(VIDEO)
The Glock 42 is a cool little gun. It’s the smallest Glock to date and the first non .45 caliber Glock to use a single stack magazine (Glock 36). Due to the slightly larger frame and higher weight compared to most .380′s out there, the recoil is virtually non-existent.... Read more
The day Jaws met his match: Unfortunate shark is eaten alive by a monster crocodile
Sharks and crocodiles are predators in their own right, but who would win a fight if the two creatures came up against each other? The answer is a crocodile – at least if this photo is anything to go by. Andrew Paice, 43, managed to capture the moment this... Read more
Ares SCR ‘featureless’ rifles now shipping
Ares Defense announced the exciting new SCR — the Sport Configurable Rifle, a “featureless” rifle that’s part AR-15 and part traditional hunting rifle — earlier this year to a welcoming audience. This gun is legal to own in all 50 states and is now shipping to dealers. While the SCR wasn’t... Read more
How Anti-Gun Activists Think Gun Owners Should Be Treated
The Facebook page Hypocrisy and Stupidity of Gun Control Advocates posted what appears to be a comment from an anti-gun liberal on how she thinks her peers should treat open carriers. Her suggestion is that she and her peers should carry tasers, and when they see an open carrier, they... Read more