Video:  Anglers Catch Big Smallmouth Bass
In the following video, anglers Ben Royce and Eric Haataja land a smallmouth bass that they think weighs more than the current Wisconsin state record. Measuring 24 inches long and with a 20-inch girth, Royce and Haataja weighed the fish to be at least over nine pounds. Wisconsin’s current... Read more
Video: Storm Chaser Catches What a Momma Bear Did When Her Cub Became Stranded on the Side of a Road
Storm chaser Ricky Forbes was on the trail of some violent weather in a Canadian national park in British Columbia when he spotted something more interesting than a potential tornado — a momma bear realizing that one of her cubs had wandered onto a highway. As cars whizzed past, Forbes... Read more
Popular Restaurant Chain to Gun-Owning Customers: Don’t Bring Your Firearms in Our Stores
NEW YORK (AP) — Chipotle is asking customers not to bring firearms into its stores after it says gun rights advocates brought military-style assault rifles into one of its restaurants in Texas. The Denver-based company notes that it has traditionally complied with local laws regarding open and concealed firearms.... Read more
Watch a Gun Hit Its Tiny Target More Than a Half Mile Away
The target: a two-inch or so sticker on a five-inch phone. The distance: 1,123 yards. Did TrackingPoint’s precision-guided rifle system, which claims to make it nearly impossible to miss, make the hit? Sure did. Featured on the firearm savvy YouTube site RatedRR, the host conducted this “slow-mo torture test”... Read more
What Happens Seconds After Praying Mantis Dies Is Mind-Blowing and Horrifying at the Same Time
A YouTube video, which looks like a scene out of a sci-fi movie, apparently shows an extremely creepy parasite vacating the body of a dead praying mantis. Before we even attempt to describe what happens in this video, watch it for yourself below: Read full story here Source: The... Read more
Lion Catches Fleeing Antelope in Mid-Air Ambush [VIDEO]
A leaping lion catches an antelope in this incredible mid-air ambush caught on camera in South Africa’s Shamwari Game Reserve. In the clip below, a pair of lions perched in tall grass on the top of a ridge ambush an unsuspecting antelope. When the antelope sees the first lioness, it makes a... Read more
Remington Announces Consolidation, Will Move Plants to Huntsville
Spokespeople from Remington Outdoor Company (ROC), formerly Freedom Group, announced this week that the company will be closing facilities around the country and moving operations to Huntsville, Alabama. The announcement comes several months after ROC CEO George Kollitides said in February that the company will setting down roots in... Read more
Gun Retailers Claim Federal Regulations Are Freezing Them Out of Business
A growing number of gun retailers say they are being frozen out of business by a slew of new banking regulations imposed by the Obama White House. The complaint stems from the Obama administration in 2011 ordering federal regulators to increase scrutiny on banks and their customers. As a... Read more