AR-15 Torture Test: Helicopter, Tannerite, Cop Car
Andy of Florida Gun Supply sent this to us. They torture test an Enfield Rifle Company’s MERC415. They drop it from a helicopter. From the video, it seems they are only a couple hundred feet off the ground. They don’t mention what altitude they are at. It was interesting... Read more
Who needs a net? How some Brazilians catch hungry piranha along the Amazon River (VIDEO)
A new video posted to YouTube shows us firsthand a rather unique way some Brazilians use to catch piranha’s in the Amazon River. Sure, the use of a net would be a much more convenient way to fish. But wouldn’t it be more fun to dangle a piece of... Read more
Boston’s Top Cop Thinks No One Needs to Own a Rifle or Shotgun
The following story is via the NRA-ILA, Writing for a majority of the Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller, which recognized an individual right under the Second Amendment to possess firearms for self-defense, Justice Scalia observed: “The very enumeration of the right takes out of the hands... Read more
First Video of Concealed Carrier in Washington D.C.
Conservative blogger Stephen Gutowski is most likely the first person to video themselves legally carrying a concealed firearm into Washington D.C. He documented his trip into D.C. today for all to see. In case you weren’t aware, D.C. is currently, for all intents and purposes, a constitutional carry district.... Read more
Husband and Wife Were Admiring ‘Arch of This Huge Iceberg’ When This Happened…(Video)
A new video posted online shows a husband and wife observing an iceberg in northeastern Canada when something unexpected happens. “My husband and I were admiring the magnificent structure of the arch of this huge iceberg, when suddenly it collapsed and created a large tidal wave of chunks of... Read more
Deer Hunter Makes Very Alarming, Sophisticated Discovery on Texas Land During Routine Task: ‘These Were Pretty Elaborate’
A deer hunter completing a routine task Saturday stumbled upon a massive massive marijuana growth operation near Houston, Texas, containing upwards of 100,000 plants spread across more than a dozen fields. According to the Polk County Today, the hunter was simply maintaining a deer lease in Goodrich when he... Read more
Federal ivory ban could lead to confiscation of guns, senator says (VIDEO)
In a move to protect both antique guns and musical instruments, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) is fighting an federal ban on ivory backed by the White House. Alexander has introduced legislation that would allow an exemption to the transport of legacy items containing ivory across state lines and through... Read more
Georgia Tournament Anglers Bought Winning Bass From Recreational Anglers
How badly did anglers Ronnie Eunice and Brandon Smith want to win a measly $305 grand prize in a local bass tourney? Bad enough to buy the winning fish from two recreational anglers. According to this post on Wired2fish.com, Eunice and Smith were approached during the tournament on Georgia’s... Read more