Hillary Clinton Says Gun Owners “Terrorize” People, Supports “Assault Weapons” Ban
Take your blood pressure meds before watching this one folks. Most Democrats at least try to dance around the issue of guns, especially when it comes to banning them, however, not Hillary, not here. The former First Lady, and possible 2016 Democratic presidential nominee said in a recent town... Read more
Giant Black Marlin Destroyed by Tiger Sharks (Video)
This is one of those situations when you fight for so long to get the fish into the boat, and something eats it in the process.  These guys know exactly what that’s like now. Source: Ultimate Fishing via Youtube Read more
2014 Houston Summer Boat Show starts today! Get your digital program right here!
That’s right folks, the 2014 Houston Summer Boat Show starts today! If you want to get ahead of the game be sure to download the digital program right here from Fishgame.com. You can load the digital file on your mobile device or tablet and be ready to go once... Read more
The UN Gun Conference Taking Place Right Now That You’ll Likely Want to Know About
A United Nations panel on small arms is gathering in New York this week, which has prompted some concern that it would push a gun control agenda that could reach the United States. The Program of Action to Prevent, Combat, and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and... Read more
How Italians Test Bullet Proof Vests (VIDEO)
The fact that this is even an option for these folks is a little scary.  I suppose there is just some data that needs to be collected that requires this sort of test.  Needless to say, don’t try this one at home. Source: AhmedHan via Youtube Read more
Angler hooks huge fish under Lake Livingston dam
Lake Livingston (KETK) — An East Texas angler was in for a surprise when he hooked a huge paddlefish below the Lake Livingston dam. Sam Brown said he accidently caught the fish when he was trying to hook catfish. Immediately following a quick picture, the fish was released back... Read more
Animal welfare groups petition feds to end lead ammo use on public lands
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is leading a dozen animal protection organizations in asking the federal government to prohibit the use of traditional ammunition on public lands. The petition calls upon the Department of the Interior to require the use of non-lead ammunition when discharging a... Read more
Supreme Court rules for stricter scrutiny of gun purchases (VIDEO)
The Supreme Court on Monday tightened restrictions on gun purchases, ruling that buyers must take care to explicitly state on their federal purchase form whether they intend to keep or sell their newly-bought gun to someone else. The 5-4 ruling was seen as the biggest test of gun rights... Read more