Myth-Busting: 1″ per Yard Shotgun Pattern Spreads
We can’t even begin to count the amount of times we’ve read, been told or heard someone say that shotgun patterns spread about 1″ per yard after exiting the barrel.  The old adage predicts, if a shooter is 10-yards from his target, the pattern will be 10″ and 15″... Read more
Man attacked by gator in Houston lake
A Houston man was simply on a fishing trip, but he picked the wrong lake. The lake was filled about 100 gators, and one of them attacked. It was eight feet long  with about 80 teeth. Alex Versace, a witness, said, “The gator was just you know attacking him... Read more
5 truly weird fish caught off Baja
Baja California Sur is paradise for anglers. Whether on the Pacific side of the peninsula, or in the Sea of Cortez, beautiful marlin, tuna, and other game fish abound. But Baja waters also serve up more than their share of peculiar, bizarre-looking, or downright otherworldly denizens. Some fairly recent... Read more
Inside the World’s Largest Gathering of Snakes
The National Geographic grantee recently gained new appreciation for the reptiles while photographing the world’s largest gathering of snakes in the Narcisse Snake Dens of Manitoba, Canada (map). Each spring, masses of red-sided garter snakes congregate inside limestone caves to form mating balls, in which up to a hundred... Read more
Bowhunter Attempts Shot on Trophy Buck, How He Misses Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]
We’ve all seen some near-misses, but this is absurd. Bowhunting requires an extreme amount of skill – stalking up to your prey, keeping your draw from shaking, and most of all trusting your aim, because very rarely do you get a second shot. This bowhunter from an unknown area... Read more
US Army Set to Replace M9 9mm Pistol
The U.S. Army is moving forward to replace the Cold War-era M9 9mm pistol with a more powerful handgun that also meets the needs of the other services. As the lead agent for small arms, the Army will hold an industry day July 29 to talk to gun makers... Read more
IMPORTANT: Recall list grows for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Graco
Recalls have become a way of life. One reporter has noted that because they are happening so frequently consumers are ignoring them. Not smart. Don’t ignore a recall notice if your vehicle or child seat is on this list.  If you have purchased your vehicle used, it is particularly... Read more
Breeding duck numbers hit record high
The continental duck population has soared to a record high, according to survey results released today by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which has conducted the annual survey since 1955. The previous high was 48.6 million in 2012. Last year’s estimate, 45.6 million, is the third-highest on record.... Read more