Many People Would Have Cut the Line When They Saw What Was on the Hook – He Chose Instead to Go on a Wild Ride
Video source: The Blaze A man claims a hammerhead shark he hooked while deep sea fishing towed his kayak for about two hours, forcing him to beach two cities over from where he began. LiveLeak user “AdamFisk” says the shark turned out to be 11 feet long, though the... Read more
Texas High School Bass Fishing Championship
MARBLE FALLS – Some lucky Texas high school students were awarded with a one day fishing trip with professional bass angler Alton Jones.  Joe Beebee and Will Brady of The Woodlands took first place in the tournament hosted by Texas Fish & Game Magazine and the Marble Falls / ... Read more
Build an AK47 From a Shovel! [pics]
With all the hype over “Untraceable Do-It-Yourself” 80% AR15 lowers lately I was reminded of this AK47 a guy built in his garage using a shovel.  Enjoy! Click here for the complete 50 pics. A few observations: 1: It’s legal to build your own firearm, without serial number, provided you... Read more
Nile Crocodile Captured in Everglades after Two-year Hunt
Image source: Outdoor Hub Florida wildlife officials captured a 5.5-foot Nile crocodile in Everglades National Park on Sunday, concluding a nearly two-year-long hunt for the creature. According to the park, the 37-pound juvenile crocodile was corralled into a small section of canal and removed after it was spotted by... Read more
Good Gal With a Gun Stops Bad Guy With a Gun [video]
Defense situations like this occur hundreds of times a day but usually go unreported.  We actually have a  news report of this one! Read more here. Get training, get armed, stay aware, stay safe. Read more
Search Continues for Wildlife Affected by Weekend Oil Spill
AUSTIN –Texas Parks and Wildlife Department personnel are continuing to look for wildlife affected following the Saturday oil spill in the Houston Ship Channel. As of Sunday, three birds were taken to a private wildlife rehabilitation service field station for rehabilitation and three birds were found dead. More oiled... Read more
Hill Country Rio Grande Turkeys Geared Up for Information Exchange
AUSTIN – Fifty Rio Grande wild turkeys sporting shiny and colored leg bracelets are roaming the woods this spring in Llano and Mason counties. Some have designer backpacks and state-of-the-art electronics. They are not trying to be fashion statements; they are participants in a high-tech information exchange. Earlier this... Read more
Listen to Superintendent Explain Why He Refuses to Remove Workbook With Outrageous Definition of Second Amendment
The superintendent of Springfield Public Schools told 970 WMAY on Monday that he doesn’t plan to remove a workbook that contains an outrageous definition of the Second Amendment, despite the outrage it has generated among parents. The workbook, currently being utilized by seventh-graders at Grant Middle School in Springfield,... Read more