Stunning Video: The Moment an Entire Street Collapsed Into a Massive Sinkhole
An entire street collapsed into a massive sinkhole Wednesday, causing terrifying sights and sound that most people have only heard in action movies. A witness just feet from the dramatic landslide caught the moment the earth gave way on video. Heavy rains have soaked several states throughout the last... Read more
Woman Attacked By Duck Sues Owner For $275,000
Just when you think people can’t get any more ridiculous, along comes a woman who not only can’t fight off an “attack” by a pet duck, but also is not even ashamed of telling the whole world that she got beat up by a freaking duck. On top of... Read more
NY bans hunting of invasive pig
ALBANY – A statewide ban on the hunting or trapping of free-ranging Eurasian boars has been officially adopted, the state Department of Environmental Conversation Commissioner Joe Martens announced Monday. The boars first arrived in this country a few hundred years ago and now have large populations in the southern... Read more
Scientists Have an ‘Oh My Gosh’ Moment While Searching for What They Thought Was a Shipwreck
Scientists searching for what they thought to be a shipwreck found something entirely unexpected in the Gulf of Mexico instead. “It looked like a shipwreck,” Thomas Heathman, a Texas A&M-Galveston marine biology student, told KHOU-TV of the image that was first seen on an acoustic survey. “And then once we get... Read more
ATF introduces new application for ‘marking’ firearms
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives revealed a new form on April 30 that aids licensed manufacturers and importers that apply for marking variances. “The new ATF Form 3311.4 satisfies the requirements of a marking variance letter application,” the ATF said an update. “When properly completed, this form reduces... Read more
Texas Senator: BLM Only Compounds Problems with Interference (Video)
WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS–Texas State Senator Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls) helped sound the alarm about the situation facing many of his constituents regarding the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) attempt to take up to 90,000 acres of land along the Red River Texas/Oklahoma border as reported by Breitbart Texas. Sen.... Read more
Why Has the NFL Launched an Investigation Over an AR-15 Featured at a Gun Show?
The National Football League has launched an investigation after a Washington Redskins-themed AR-15 rifle was discovered at a D.C.-area gun show. It’s not about the gun — it’s about the unauthorized use of the Redskins’ logo, an NFL spokesman said. The league does not allow the use of teams’... Read more
Health The No. 1 Killer on This ‘Deadliest Animals’ Infographic Might Surprise You
More than 700,000 people — that’s how many lives are taken each year thanks to a bite from small and seemingly innocuous animal. Bill Gates released this powerful infographic on his blog late last week to highlight a campaign against the deadly and debilitating diseases that are carried by... Read more