Stingray doesn’t like being provoked, chases swimmer ashore
Video: Giant stingray chases Gold Coast swimmer A swimmer on Australia’s Gold Coast, trying to express his bravado by jumping toward a large stingray cruising in shallow water, was instead frightened to shore by the angry creature. Granted, stingrays are typically docile, but the accompanying footage serves as another... Read more
Surfer Watches GoPro Footage Only To Find He Swam 3 Feet Above a Great White Shark
Read full story here Source: SureNews Read more
The Coming Crash in Ammunition Prices
I’ve had a suspicion for a while now that once supply caught up with demand for ammunition, the demand would fall off at around the same time leaving massive amounts of surplus. The Obama caused bubble in ammunition prices seems ready to bust.   Over the last few years people... Read more
Technology The Revolutionary New Piece of Gun Technology That Some Are Calling ‘Scary’ and Others Are Praising as ‘Sweet’
Don’t get too excited, though. The technology firm behind ShotView, Tracking Point, told the Huffington Post that it has no plans to make the Google Glass app available to consumers. You can, however, download the same app for use with smartphones and tablets. In a promotional video, Tracking Point... Read more
Rare Piebald Tarpon Released
On June 5, Capt. Clark Wright, who runs a charter service on Florida’s west coast, reeled in something that he has never seen before. “In my 20 years of tarpon fishing, I’ve never seen a tarpon like this before,” Wright tells Sport Fishing. “I told the visiting angler and my... Read more
‘Breathtaking’ Video Shows Why You Should Not Shelter Under Trees in a Lightning Storm
While a tall, leafy tree might seem like a nice place to hide during a lightning storm, a video from Saratoga Springs, New York, shows why you should resist the urge to shelter there. The surveillance footage taken by Saratoga Spa State Park near the Saratoga Performing Arts Center last... Read more
Wildlife Workers Lure Florida Bears With Doughnuts For Census
Wildlife workers will be conducting a census of the Floridian black bears and their enlisting donuts to help in the work. This survey will help the workers manage the bear population better. Twelve years ago, officials estimated there were around 3,000 bears across Florida, but bear sightings have been... Read more
7-Year-Old Suspended Over Toy Gun, Even Though He “Turned Himself In”
A first-grade student in New Kensington, Pennsylvania has been suspended and may face expulsion for bringing a plastic toy gun to school, despite the fact that he realized he’d made a mistake and voluntarily handed it over to teachers. In an all too familiar story, 7-year-old Darin Simak faces... Read more