‘I think he got a little lesson’: Mom of squirrel selfie teen laughs off attack as she releases more hilarious photos of moment camera-shy creature went nuts
A photo op with a squirrel that went awry has left a teenager flustered but unhurt – and having learned a valuable lesson, according to his mom. Seventeen-year-old Brian Genest, of Auburn, Maine, said Thursday he saw what appeared to be a friendly squirrel on a hand rail while... Read more
Head of Michael Bloomberg’s Gun Control Group Stepping Down
On April 30th Mark Glaze—the head of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG)—announced he will be stepping down in June. This announcement comes less three weeks since Bloomberg pledged to spend $50 million to challenge the NRA in the 2014 mid-term elections. According to the Chicago Tribune, Glaze... Read more
John Lott: Violence Policy Center ‘cooks the books’ on concealed carry killers (VIDEO)
Economist and political commentator John Lott has once again been crunching numbers and in an article published this week for the National Review takes a look at how the Violence Policy Center “cooks the books” in an effort to prove the dangerousness of concealed carry permit holders. While the Violence... Read more
Human Stash House Containing 147 Illegal Immigrants Busted in South Texas
A human stash house containing 147 suspected illegal immigrants was busted in Alton, Texas, near the U.S./Mexico border. Daniel Tirado, a spokesman for the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector, told The McAllen Monitor that the immigrants were residents of various South American countries. They were apprehended and are currently being... Read more
Stunning Video: The Moment an Entire Street Collapsed Into a Massive Sinkhole
An entire street collapsed into a massive sinkhole Wednesday, causing terrifying sights and sound that most people have only heard in action movies. A witness just feet from the dramatic landslide caught the moment the earth gave way on video. Heavy rains have soaked several states throughout the last... Read more
Woman Attacked By Duck Sues Owner For $275,000
Just when you think people can’t get any more ridiculous, along comes a woman who not only can’t fight off an “attack” by a pet duck, but also is not even ashamed of telling the whole world that she got beat up by a freaking duck. On top of... Read more
NY bans hunting of invasive pig
ALBANY – A statewide ban on the hunting or trapping of free-ranging Eurasian boars has been officially adopted, the state Department of Environmental Conversation Commissioner Joe Martens announced Monday. The boars first arrived in this country a few hundred years ago and now have large populations in the southern... Read more
Scientists Have an ‘Oh My Gosh’ Moment While Searching for What They Thought Was a Shipwreck
Scientists searching for what they thought to be a shipwreck found something entirely unexpected in the Gulf of Mexico instead. “It looked like a shipwreck,” Thomas Heathman, a Texas A&M-Galveston marine biology student, told KHOU-TV of the image that was first seen on an acoustic survey. “And then once we get... Read more