Import Ban on 7N6 5.45×39
Image source: The Bang Switch Rumors have been circulating that last two days that the BATF has stopped the importation of steel core 5.45×39 ammo. After reading this news on social media, I’m sure many of you fired up your browser and gave Google a thorough workout trying to... Read more
Whole Earth Provision Co. Hosts Two Funding Events for Texas State Parks
AUSTIN – Whole Earth Provision Co. is once again stepping up to support Texas State Parks.  For the third year in a row, this Texas-based travel, adventure and nature store will host two great events and donate the proceeds to help with state park day-to-day operational expenses and enhanced... Read more
Hawaiian Spearfisherman Takes New World Record Marlin
Image source: Outdoor Hub The International Bluewater Spearfishing Records Committee (IBSRC) announced last week that the record for largest blue marlin caught by spear now belongs to 53-year-old Wendell Ko of Kapolei. According to the IBSRC, the fish was weighed at 506 pounds when it was caught last November.... Read more
Finally, Scientists Say They Have the Answer to One of Nature’s Biggest Questions
Image source: The Blaze Though there have been enormous advances in scientific observations about nature over the years and many questions still remain, scientists think they can file one away as “answered.” It being: Why does a zebra have stripes? One might think the animal from the equine family... Read more
Oil Cleanup Crews Largely Underwhelmed by Texas Spill
Image source: Breitbart Texas PORT ARANSAS, TEXAS–Cleanup efforts continued on the Texas Gulf Coast on March 31 while crews continued the work of removing oil covered debris and tar balls.  Mustang Island State Park Superintendent Damon Reeves told Breitbart News his park area looked much better than days prior... Read more
New Zealand Angler’s 907-pound Bluefin Tuna Challenges World Record
Image source: Outdoor Hub On February 19, Donna Pascoe of New Zealand found herself fighting a massive Pacific bluefin tuna for over four hours. After she managed to land the beast, crew members began congratulating her—they told her she just took the new world record. According to the Houhora... Read more
Man with Paralyzed Arm Wins Bow Championship Using Teeth
Image source: Breitbart Eleven years ago, then-19-year-old Joe Wiseman lost the use of his right arm in an ATV accident. Earlier this month, he used his one good arm and his teeth to win Best Bow Hunter Freestyle Limited at the National Field Archery Indoor Championship. According to SportsGrid.com, Wiseman... Read more
The Astonishing Way a Deadly Accurate Sniper Killed Six Taliban Insurgents From 930 Yards… With ONE Bullet
Image source: The Blaze A deadly accurate 20-year-old British sniper in Afghanistan managed to kill six Taliban insurgents with just one bullet, The Telegraph reports. The marksman, a Lance Corporal in the Coldstream Guards, apparently hit a suicide bomber’s trigger switch from 930 yards, causing an explosion that killed... Read more

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