Kangaroo on steroids? Look at those biceps!
If your image of the kangaroo is simply a beautiful creature hopping around the Australian outback, you’re in for a shock. The red kangaroo is the largest variety and they can grow up to six feet tall. I photographed this male while filming an episode of my program God’s... Read more
Survival Lessons Learned from 6 Animal Attacks
Image source: Mark Miller/Images on the Wildside via Outdoor Living If last year’s headlines are any indication, incidents of strange and aggressive animal behavior are on the rise in North America. Experts attribute increasing human-animal encounters to a combination of factors—from human encroachment into once–remote wildlife habitat to an... Read more
He’s 18 and Spent 13 Days in Jail for a Pocketknife in a School Parking Lot — and The Story Only Gets Crazier From There
Image source: The Blaze Meet Jordan Wiser, a high school senior you might call an overachiever. Enrolled in an Ohio vocational-technical school, Wiser was taking Firefighter 2 and EMT courses to bolster his dream of future public service. Read full story here Source: The Blaze Read more
Texas Lesser Prairie-Chicken Landowner Agreements Reach Record 600,000 Acres
AUSTIN – Eighty-four Texas ranchers in the Panhandle and Rolling Plains have voluntarily enrolled 614,250 acres in conservation agreements for the lesser prairie-chicken, marking the largest private landowner commitment to conserve a rare species in Texas history. This comes as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service mulls whether to... Read more
Man Who Witnessed Steve Irwin’s Final Moments Reveals the Croc Hunter’s Chilling Last Words
Image source: Patriot Outdoor News Justin Lyons, the man who witnessed Steve Irwin’s dying moments has described for the first time how a massive stingray wildly stabbed the conservationist ‘hundreds of times’. He also recounted the crocodile hunter’s calm final words: “I’m dying.” Check it out: Read full story... Read more
Learn how to stop pesky hogs at seminar
Image source: Dave Lewis If you’re an outdoorsman or rancher, you already know there’s a thriving population of wild hogs and predators in the Central Texas countryside. Destroyed croplands and loss of livestock are parts of life that are becoming way too common and expensive. Read the full story... Read more
Australian man calmly grabs beer after being bitten by deadly snake
Image source: Patriot Outdoor News The eastern brown snake is the second most deadly snake in the world, and the deadliest in Australia. Check it out… Read full article here Source: Patriot Outdoor News Read more
Attention fishermen: Missouri City’s Community Park recently restocked with catfish, trout
Image source: Your Fort Bend News Fishermen from throughout the area came to Community Park in Missouri City on Friday, March 7, to try their hands at reeling in a catch from the park’s three-acre lake, whose fish population the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department boosted that morning as... Read more