Ammo Torture Tests [VIDEOS]
Ever wonder what happens when ammunition catches fire, gets put in a blender, or a microwave?  Unlike most folks think it won’t send the bullet flying dangerously through the air. (Bonfire starts at 12:20) How about putting a handful of precious rimfire cartridges in a blender? Or bigger and... Read more
Wounded veterans get their own fishing rodeo
For a south Louisiana fishing rodeo it was a modest affair, only 33 entrants, but in effect the weigh in at Boudreaux’s Marina in Cocodrie Saturday afternoon was much greater. Participation was free for the wounded war veterans, many of whom served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. On stage... Read more
Who actually “owns” America’s land? A deeper look at the Bundy Ranch crisis
Turtles and cows have absolutely no relevance to the situation in Nevada. Does the Constitution make  provision for the federal government to own and control “public land”? This is the only question we need to consider. Currently, the federal government “owns” approximately 30% of the United States territory. The... Read more
Remington issuing safety recall of select Model 700 and Model Seven rifles
Remington has announced a voluntary safety recall of Model 700 and Model Seven rifles with X-Mark Pro, or XMP triggers manufactured between May 1, 2006 and April 9, 2014. Any rifles made after April 9, 2014 are not subject to recall. Remington discovered that rifles equipped with the XMP... Read more
Protesters Organize for ‘Open-Carry’ in San Antonio
Outside of San Antonio, more than 80 individuals gathered to protest a city ordinance that bans civilians from openly carrying loaded firearms, according to local media outlet KSAT. The rally was conceived after 19-year-old Henry Vichique was arrested and stunned with a taser for open-carrying a loaded firearm–that incident was caught... Read more
FBI: March 2014 Was Biggest March in Gun Background Check History
FBI released March’s background check numbers to reveal “it was the biggest March in the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) system’s history.” According to Guns.com, the raw data shows “2,488,842 total background checks were preformed in March 2014.” This is up 200,000 checks over March last year and... Read more
Not Just Nevada, BLM Land-Grabbing 90,000 Deeded Acres in Texas Too [Video]
While the eyes of the nation are focused upon the rural Nevada town of Bunkerville and the Bundy Ranch, another significant land grab is underway in the other half of the country. While less physically confrontational at present, government oppression is none the less at the root of a... Read more
Teacher removed for ‘dangerous’ science projects; supporters rally
A popular Los Angeles high school science teacher has been suspended after students turned in projects that appeared dangerous to administrators, spurring a campaign calling for his return to the classroom. Students and parents have rallied around Greg Schiller after his suspension in February from the downtown Cortines School... Read more

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