FBI: March 2014 Was Biggest March in Gun Background Check History
FBI released March’s background check numbers to reveal “it was the biggest March in the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) system’s history.” According to Guns.com, the raw data shows “2,488,842 total background checks were preformed in March 2014.” This is up 200,000 checks over March last year and... Read more
Not Just Nevada, BLM Land-Grabbing 90,000 Deeded Acres in Texas Too [Video]
While the eyes of the nation are focused upon the rural Nevada town of Bunkerville and the Bundy Ranch, another significant land grab is underway in the other half of the country. While less physically confrontational at present, government oppression is none the less at the root of a... Read more
Teacher removed for ‘dangerous’ science projects; supporters rally
A popular Los Angeles high school science teacher has been suspended after students turned in projects that appeared dangerous to administrators, spurring a campaign calling for his return to the classroom. Students and parents have rallied around Greg Schiller after his suspension in February from the downtown Cortines School... Read more
State weighs draining boats to stem invasives’ drain on ecosystems
Texas boaters appear almost certain to be drafted as combatants in a battle aimed at slowing spread of zebra mussels, an invasive mollusk that can cripple inland fisheries and already has cost Texans more than $300 million because of its effects on crucial water supply infrastructure. The Texas Parks... Read more
Why You Should Care That Millions of Bats Are Infected With a Deadly Fungal Disease
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (TheBlaze/AP) — Though bats might not be the most favored of creatures among the general public, the mass death of millions already — and more to come — should be concerning given the far reaching effects it could have on the ecosystem. The fungal disease that has... Read more
5 worst home defense shotshells
So you’ve decided to use a shotgun for home defense, but you’re unsure what load to use in your scattergun. Double ought buck, one ounce slug, 2 ¾ inch or 3 inch, there are so many options. While this article won’t tell you which ones to use, it will show... Read more
Video: Massive Alligator Snapping Turtle Rescued in Louisiana
Noodlers beware: two men in Baton Rouge, Louisiana recently rescued a roughly four-foot-long alligator snapping turtle from a drainage canal. According to WAFB, the turtle was wedged in a culvert and needed to be pulled out. Despite its dangerous reputation, the two men decided to give the animal a... Read more
(Video) ARES SCR – Is This The AR-15 Alternative Residents in Gun Control States Have Been Waiting For?
It was bound to happen. A gun with the same controls as the AR-15, but with none of the so called “military features” that gun control advocates like to ban in less than free states. Here we have the ARES Defense Systems, Inc. SCR (Sporting Configurable Rifle). The rifle... Read more