College Station woman finds 12-foot python in bathroom
COLLEGE STATION, Texas — A 12-foot python has been returned to its owner after a slithery stop at a Central Texas home where a woman earlier bathed her pet guinea pigs. The Eagle newspaper reported Tuesday that Veronica Rodriguez was shocked in early May when the big snake turned... Read more
More details surface about the Ares ‘featureless’ SCR (VIDEO)
The Sport Configurable Rifle is one of the more interesting rifles to hit the market this year. It is a “featureless” rifle — a gun that lacks any cosmetic features that are banned by strict gun control laws like a pistol grip or telescoping stock — yet still uses... Read more
He Was Reportedly Told by City Officials That He May Hear From Their Attorney Over This Sarcastic Video About ‘Serious’ Issue
A frustrated Indianapolis realtor launched a sarcastic “Adopt a Pothole” initiative in an attempt to bring attention to the city’s “serious” pothole problem. City officials were not amused — in fact, they reportedly told him he may receive a call from one of their attorneys. Kurt Flock took his... Read more
Close Call: Terrifying Moment When a Wolf at the Zoo Attacks a 2-Year-Old (Video)
A family walking with their toddler at a Serbian zoo got the scare of a lifetime when a leashed wolf lunged for the 2-year-old. Strolling down the path at Belgrade Zoo, the little girl and the wolf appear to make eye contact. Then, seemingly unprovoked, the animal attacked, biting... Read more
Gulf Shrimp Season Closing May 15
AUSTIN — The Gulf of Mexico commercial shrimp season for both Texas and federal waters will close 30 minutes after sunset on May 15 until a still-to-be determined time in July. The closing date is based on samples collected by the Coastal Fisheries Division of the Texas Parks and... Read more
Noe Campos: Fishermen deliver Hammerhead shark pups in Venice, Florida
A group of fishermen in Venice, Florida lured in a big catch – a 12-foot hammerhead shark. That in itself was quite enough excitement for them, until they realized, the shark was pregnant. The fishing pier in Venice juts out 700 feet into the gulf, luring fishermen to see... Read more
The ‘Next BLM Showdown’ Is Currently Brewing in Recapture Canyon, Utah
SALT LAKE CITY (TheBlaze/AP) — An idyllic Utah canyon home to ancient cliff dwellings and native burials will be the site of a protest Saturday by a group of people who plan to mount their ATVs and ride a trail that has been off limits to motorized vehicles since... Read more
TPWD Begins Record-breaking Oyster Restoration Project in Galveston Bay and Sabine Lake
HOUSTON – Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has begun distributing more than 79,000 cubic yards of oyster reef building materials (known as clutch) over eight sites on four natural, publicly owned oyster reefs in Galveston Bay and Sabine Lake. This work is part of ongoing efforts to restore oyster... Read more