Man with Paralyzed Arm Wins Bow Championship Using Teeth
Image source: Breitbart Eleven years ago, then-19-year-old Joe Wiseman lost the use of his right arm in an ATV accident. Earlier this month, he used his one good arm and his teeth to win Best Bow Hunter Freestyle Limited at the National Field Archery Indoor Championship. According to SportsGrid.com, Wiseman... Read more
The Astonishing Way a Deadly Accurate Sniper Killed Six Taliban Insurgents From 930 Yards… With ONE Bullet
Image source: The Blaze A deadly accurate 20-year-old British sniper in Afghanistan managed to kill six Taliban insurgents with just one bullet, The Telegraph reports. The marksman, a Lance Corporal in the Coldstream Guards, apparently hit a suicide bomber’s trigger switch from 930 yards, causing an explosion that killed... Read more
Connecticut Residents’ Gun Rights Change Dramatically on April 1 — and It’s No April Fools’
Image source: The Blaze MIDDLETOWN (TheBlaze/AP) – Connecticut State Police are reminding firearms owners that state regulations on long guns will change Tuesday. Troopers say that beginning April 1, long guns cannot be sold or transferred without one of the following documents: a permit to carry pistols or revolvers, an... Read more
No New Positives Found in 2013-14 Trans Pecos CWD Surveillance
AUSTIN – Nearly 300 tissue samples were collected from hunter harvested deer and elk from the Trans Pecos ecoregion during the 2013-14 season to test for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Over the last two hunting seasons upwards of 600 deer and elk have been tested for CWD, thanks to... Read more
Texas Oil Spill Reaches Down-State Beaches
Image source: Breitbart Texas Tar balls from the oil tanker spill that occurred in Galveston Bay on March 22nd have reached Mustang Island and the beaches of Port Aransas along the southern Texas coast.  Crews were immediately on hand to begin the cleanup process. According to an article in... Read more
Texas Leaders Attack EPA on Proposed Expansion
Image source: Breitbart Texas In a sweeping 370 plus page report, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy and Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) Jo Ellen Carcy submitted a proposed rule change for how water is regulated in the United States—effectively expanding authority to bodies traditionally maintained... Read more
URGENT: GM issues recalls for current Silverado, Sierra and full-size SUVs
What is happening with General Motors? I hate to do negative articles about any single vehicle or supplier, but a thinking person has to question the number of serious recalls that GM has been forced to issue recently. The most important to sportsmen and their families, I suspect, are... Read more
TPW Commission Approves Expanded Mule Deer, Extended Squirrel Hunting Seasons
AUSTIN – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission at its Thursday, March 27 public hearing approved expanded mule deer hunting in several counties and extended squirrel season across parts of East Texas. An archery-only open season and 16-day general season for mule deer in Knox County, and a nine-day... Read more