Tense Video: Feds Taser Pro-Nevada Rancher Protester During Clash
The standoff between a Nevada rancher and the U.S. government escalated Wednesday when protesters confronted federal agents tasked with the chore of rounding up approximately 900 “trespass cattle.” The confrontation, captured on video, resulted in one protester, the rancher’s son, being hit with a stun gun while another, the rancher’s daughter,... Read more
New York’s SAFE Act Allows Police to Seize Firearms Without a Warrant: Lawsuit
New York’s hastily-passed gun control law “mandates that law enforcement personnel seize, without a warrant, probable cause or hearing” some firearms, a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in New York’s Eastern District alleges. The lawsuit was filed in March by the La Reddola, Lester & Associates law firm on... Read more
Its Official: ATF Bans Russian 7n6 5.45×39 Imports
The ATF has officially banned “Russian-made 7n6 5.45×39 ammunition” after a request for review from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). As Bearing Arms points out, the Special Advisory specifically calls out “Russian-made”. It is possible (but highly unlikely) that surplus from other locales may allowed. We will continue... Read more
Fifth-graders held at gunpoint by cops over building a treehouse (VIDEO)
When a group of fifth-grade boys gathered together to build a treehouse fort behind their homes, the last thing they expected was to have the police called on them who then responded with their guns drawn. But as local media reported, that’s exactly what happened last month in Georgia.... Read more
Hooked For Life, Kids Gone Fish’n
Teaching every child to fish was a dream of long-time, Rio Grande Valley resident David Mendez. This year marks the fifth year of a children’s all-free fishing event Mendez started in Brownsville where every child goes home with a free fishing rod, a full belly, free goodies and the... Read more
Texas To Host 2014 Biennial Pronghorn Workshop
AUSTIN – Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and Borderlands Research Institute at Sul Ross State University will host the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 26th Biennial Pronghorn Workshop in Alpine, Texas May 12-14, 2014. The inaugural pronghorn workshop was held in New Mexico in 1965 to... Read more
High-Speed ‘Chase’ With Texas Police Goes…Airborne
When Texas police chased this “suspect,” they didn’t hold back — even when it took them to the skies. Texas police were hot on the trail of Kirby Chambliss’ special Ziko Edge 540. (Image source: YouTube) Thankfully, this fast-paced video was more of a stunt than a real manhunt.... Read more
A Hero Ex-Cop Is Actually Having to Sue for the Right to Carry a Concealed Firearm in California
The UC Berkeley police officer who famously helped rescue kidnap victim Kaycee Dugard is suing her former employer, claiming she was wrongfully denied approval to carry a concealed firearm after she retired on medical disability. Allison “Ally” Jacobs became a hero after her intuition helped lead to the capture... Read more