Gator killed, officials find remains of man inside body
A customer at Burkart’s Marina in Orange on Monday said he shot and killed an 11-foot alligator he believed was involved in a deadly attack on an Orange man Friday. The man, who identified himself only as “Bear,” said he set a trap out of his boat with chicken as... Read more
This Texas-sized centipede belongs in a horror movie
This is a Texas Redhead centipede. This is what nightmares are made of. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) released this photo on Facebook Friday of a redheaded centipede—with its long black body, yellow pointy legs, red head and antennas—latched on to a broom in Garner State Park in the... Read more
Massive alligator killed behind house at Rayburn, suspected in killing neighborhood pets
A massive alligator, which is suspected in the disappearance of several dogs and cats in the area, was killed on Tuesday evening when it came out of the water and was found behind a house on Wingate Drive in Rayburn Country. According Gary Pullen, who is also a sergeant with the... Read more
Has a Chupacabra Been Found? Texas ManSays This Picture Proves It Has
“It’s too big for a coyote,” Philip Oliveira said of the animal carcass he keeps frozen in a cooler on his back porch in Rockdale, Texas. According to the Austin American-Statesman, this is one of the latest cases of people claiming to have found or seen a mythical, blood-sucking creature... Read more
Toyota Land Cruiser is great choice for towing
If you have ever felt as though your head was going to explode when you reviewed the specs for a new tow vehicle, the Toyota Land Cruiser might just be the best choice for you.  You can get this sport vehicle one way, and that’s fine since it has... Read more
U.S. spy agencies may start hunting wildlife poachers in Africa
U.S. intelligence agencies are considering whether to provide information, analysis and possibly tactical lessons to African governments about how to attack wildlife poaching networks, according to a top official. “We are looking for opportunities” where “we can contribute,” Terrance Ford, the national intelligence manager for Africa in the office... Read more
Man dies trying to suck venom from decapitated snake to boost his immunity
A man who tried to suck venom from a decapitated snake (locally known as pathfinder) to boost his immunity against all poisons, died within half an hour of the attempt.He has been identified as Musah Dzikpor, 53, a painter, resident at Aflao.A source close to the deceased told the... Read more
Are Pack Llamas the Next Big Trend for Hunting?
Cheaper than traditional pack animals like horses or mules and more flexible than ATVs, llamas are quickly making a name for themselves among hunters as an alternative way to get their kills out of the woods. While the idea may sound ludicrous to some, hunters like Thomas Baumeister of Montana call the use... Read more

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