Hillbilly Gopher Trap – 12 gauge, fishing string, rat trap (VIDEO)
Check out this guy’s homemade gopher trap.  The device consists of a 12 gauge shotgun, fishing string, and a rat trap.  I am not sure this is the safest removal technique, but the the results provide an entertaining viewing experience.  Check it out below: Source: Jeffs Wonderland via YouTube Read more
12 Animal Selfies That Were All Terrible Ideas
It seems that 2015 is the year of the animal selfie, and wildlife officials are far from happy about it. Whether it’s taking selfies with venomous rattlesnakes, Yellowstone bison, or bears, some people will stop at nothing to get the perfect picture… Read full story on OutdoorHub.com Read more
Scientists Discover New Species of Extremely Venomous Death Adder
A team of researchers from Bangor University and the Western Australian Museum recently identified a new species of the highly venomous snakes commonly called death adders. The snake, which was discovered in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, was officially designated Acanthophis cryptamydros, the Kimberley death adder… Read full story... Read more
Georgia Man Ordered to Pay $1.6 million in Deer Trafficking Case
Benjamin N. Chason, 61, of Climax, Georgia pleaded guilty and was sentenced in U.S. District Court for three charges related to violating the Lacey Act. Chason was ordered to pay $1.6 million in fines and restitution, the largest sum of money ordered of an individual to pay for a... Read more
Homemade Armor-piercing 12 Gauge Tungsten Carbide Slugs (VIDEO)
You probably think of most shotgun slugs as slow chunks of soft lead, but these are not most slugs. These are custom-made tungsten carbide perpetrator slugs. The secret to the armor-defeating rounds is the ultra-hard tungsten carbide core. Read full story and watch video on OutdoorHub.com Read more
Texas Game Wardens Destroy $6 Million Marijuana Farm on Cooper WMA
Public Hunters Discover Illegal Camp, 6,500 Pot Plants during Opening Weekend of Teal Season AUSTIN – Public hunters pursuing feral hogs at Cooper Wildlife Management Area in northeast Texas over the weekend stumbled upon a sophisticated marijuana growing encampment having more than 6,500 mature plants with a street value... Read more
Home Defense Shotgun – What Makes it Kick-Ass?
USA –-(Ammoland.com)- While many debate what the Best Home Defense Shotgun is, it’s hard to argue that the shotgun doesn’t make an ideal home defense weapon. While capacity in terms of shell count will almost always be less than that of a semi-automatic pistol or modern sporting rifle, each one of... Read more
Monster 200-inch All-velvet Buck Taken in Kentucky
Whitetail Heaven Outfitters in central Kentucky announced on Wednesday that one of its hunters had harvested a massive 200-inch buck still in velvet. The buck was shot by Buddy Deville, a visiting hunter from Louisiana, during the opening week of bow season… Read full story on OutdoorHub.com Read more