14-year-old Hunter Bags Ultra Rare Black Whitetail Buck
An all-black whitetail deer is the harvest of a lifetime, but for 14-year-old Brooke Bateman of Dallas, it was just her first buck.  The young hunter bagged the extremely rare animal while hunting with her father Mike Bateman on a Stephens County lease in Texas late last month. Read... Read more
Hunting Show Host, Beauty Queen Theresa Vail Charged with Illegal Bear Kill
Theresa Vail, a 25-year-old hunting show host with the Outdoor Channel and former Miss America contestant, was charged recently by Alaskan officials with allegedly harvesting a grizzly without a tag and then conspiring with her guides to cover it up. Read full story at OutdoorHub.com Read more
Video: Flamethrower-equipped Drone Roasts a Turkey
Remember that pistol-equipped drone? Its creator just upped the ante and released video of a flamethrower-equipped remote aerial vehicle.  The drone was made with a combination of off the shelf components and 3D-printed parts. See full story at OutdoorHub.com Read more
Sharpshooting nun who picked off 10-point buck catches flak
A Pennsylvania Navy-vet and current nun who teaches at a catholic school was blasted on social media when she shared an image of her harvest last week. Benedictine Sister John Paul Bauer of St. Mary’s, a rural area in Erie County that is home to Straub Brewery and the... Read more
Taya Kyle Wins American Sniper Shootout
Utilizing TrackingPoint precision-guided firearms, Taya Kyle, a novice shooter, defeated NRA World Shooting Champion Bruce Piatt in the American Sniper Shootout. Bruce Piatt utilized the same weapons our soldiers use in combat today. The event served to raise money for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and demonstrated the superior... Read more
Ford to license Ford-branded trailers and campers
When you’re the company that sells the most trucks and other vehicles that tow it only seems natural to lend your name to a line of trailers, campers and toy haulers. Produced by Indiana-based Livin Life, a subsidiary of Thor Industries, the trailers and other products will be made... Read more
Truly monster hog killed in Russia!?
Damn.com has posted photos and a story about a hog that is alleged to weigh more than 1,000 pounds killed in Russia. You can read the article by clicking here. We at TF&G are currently in the midst of an investigation of monster hogs in conjunction with Kingdom Zoo... Read more
Family of Texas Hunters Takes Wrong Turn into Mexico, Gets Detained
A former Marine and his two children were detained in Mexico last Thursday after taking a wrong turn into Ciudad Acuna, Mexico. According to Click2Houston.com, 38-year-old Jeromie Slaughter of Texas City retired from the Marines just last year and had planned on making up for lost time with his... Read more