Video: Florida Couple Reels In Giant Grouper from Shore
A lucky couple fishing at the beach in Sanibel, Florida got a shock when they hooked a massive 300-pound goliath grouper last month. Catching such a large grouper from shore is a relatively rare occurrence, and witnesses said it took the anglers about an hour to reel the beast... Read more
Bulletproof Cup? Watch the Inventor Take a Round to the Crotch (VIDEO)
There are a lot of useful bulletproof items in our modern world.  Cars, vests, glass…a jock strap.  Thats right, a bulletproof cup.  The guys over at Nutshellz are touting their new piece of bulletproof gear as the strongest cup ever made. The concept is actually pretty useful once I gave... Read more
Angler uses fishing lure to catch giant bullfrogs (VIDEO)
I remember fishing for bass in the marshes around Venice years ago with a good friend who spied a big bullfrog up along the shoreline. The amphibian either thought we were too far to cause it any harm or that we couldn’t see its green body in the green... Read more
Watch gulf diver, removing lionfish, have a close encounter with a great white shark
Grayson Shepard was looking for a species of fish that doesn’t belong in the Gulf of Mexico. He got an up-close look at a species that belongs wherever it wants to belong. Shepard and fellow divers Joe Kistel and  Alex Fogg had collected hundreds of invasive lionfish and shot... Read more
WATCH: Wild boar smashes through shop ceiling in Hong Kong…havoc ensues
A wild boar smashed through the roof of a children’s clothing shop in Hong Kong. It was trapped inside and ran around the store, knocking over clothes and mannequins. According to the South China Morning Post, it was tranquilized by a vet and taken to an animal rehabilitation center.... Read more
Texas car dealership offers free gun with purchase promotion (VIDEO)
The owner of an Andrews, Texas, car dealership is offering an incentive to purchase a vehicle from his car lot: A free gun. Strate Colbath, General Manager for Benny Boyd Car Dealership, explained to News West 9, “For every new Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep sold here in Andrews, we’re... Read more
Dog Eats 23 .308 Rounds!
Too crazy not to share!  Gives a new meaning to “ammo dump”. “Benno” the Belgian Malinois has eaten enough strange objects over the course of his four years, you’d think his digestive tract is bulletproof. As it turns out, that’s not quite the case. His owner had to take... Read more
Watch fisherman come within inches of great white shark in GoPro video
A fisherman spearing off the coast of Florida who was confronted by a great white shark has released footage of the terrifying moment, which he couldn’t help but catch on camera. Zack Spurlock was trying to catch lionfish around 25 miles off Port Canaveral for his friend’s local restaurant... Read more