Partners Unite to Safeguard Highland Lakes from Spread of Invasive Zebra Mussels
AUSTIN—Summer boating season is just around the corner and a coalition led by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is launching a major public awareness campaign to inform boaters about how to prevent invasive zebra mussels from infesting new water bodies. As some of the most heavily trafficked... Read more
Video: Spearfisherman’s Fake Tail Fin Draws in Dolphin Pod
Looking much like a whale or dolphin tail, the DOL-fin monofin is designed for underwater speed demons and divers. It is an odd choice for spearfishermen, especially since it seems to come with a rather unique feature: it attracts dolphins. Dolphins are highly inquisitive creatures and it doesn’t take much... Read more
WATCH: Gardening with a gun? This video shows you how it’s done
Sharpshooter Kirsten Joy Weiss has just posted a new video — and it’s unlike any clip we have seen from her. This time she’s showing us how to “garden with a gun.” Technically speaking, Weiss is really showing us a different and more entertaining way to plant seeds. The... Read more
Texas game wardens investigate killing of 11-foot alligator
HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (AP) – Game wardens are investigating the killing of an 11-foot alligator along the Lampasas (lam-PA’-sis) River. Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Lt. Billy Champlin said Thursday that two people who were fishing called an agency hotline to report they euthanized the gator. Champlin says the... Read more
Trappers Release Bear Caught in Coyote Trap (VIDEO)
These coyote trappers had quite an unexpected animal waiting for them. A black bear indadvertedly got caught in these coyote hunter’s trap. That’s a slightly larger animal than this trapper family was expecting. Source: Patriot Outdoor News Read more
Alaska anglers reel in interesting catch
In 35 years as a fisherman, Jim Eastwood has only seen seven skilfish. On Wednesday morning, Eastwood and his crew brought in five of them, caught while longlining more than 200 miles south of Juneau. The largest of the mottled gray fish weighed in at about 110 lbs. and... Read more
Video: Australian Man Catches Shark with His Bare Hands
Brace yourselves for what appears to be a display of one of the most Australian things one can possibly do. After spotting a shark in some shallow water near the city of Mackay, the man in the video below apparently decided that the best possible thing he could do was trudge... Read more
Pennsylvania Officials Confirm Rare Cancer in Smallmouth Bass
Officials from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) announced on Monday that laboratory results have returned for a single smallmouth bass caught in the middle Susquehanna River late last year. The fish, which was harvested by an angler and eventually delivered to the PFBC, had a large and unsightly growth... Read more