Massive Taurus Safety Settlement Could Include 100,000 Pistols
Though it seems to largely be flying under the radar, a $39 million class action settlement by Taurus Firearms could impact up to 100,000 handguns with alleged safety design issues: Brazil-based handgun maker Forjas Taurus SA has agreed to a $39 million settlement in a class action lawsuit alleging some of the... Read more
Snake Selfie Ends with $153K Medical Bill
There is a price for everything and, apparently, a snake selfie ends with $153k medical bill along with a very nasty, painful and potentially lethal bite. That is to be expected. Or at least it should have been, but Todd Fassler apparently expected a much more different outcome when... Read more
Extensive Ram recalls may affect you
As you may already know, FCA (formerly Fiat Chrysler) has been hit with the highest punishment ever for transgressions that the NHTSA considered the worst ever for a vehicle manufacturer.  I personally believe that some of the huge fines and other actions are punitive since top FCA management is... Read more
Ford offers new top-of-the-line F-150 for 2016
It seems like only yesterday that Ford introduced its ground-braking aluminum-bodied F-150, but with 2016 model year creeping up they have taken the wraps off a new Limited edition that will supersede even the King Ranch and Platinum in luxury. The Ford F-150 Limited has virtually all of the... Read more
Teen under investigation for building drone with working handgun (VIDEO)
A Clinton, Connecticut, teen is in hot water with the FAA after he posted a video on Youtube of a drone he created. The problem? His little invention comes complete with a fully functioning semi-automatic handgun with the ability to be fired from a remote control. While the Clinton... Read more
Family spots alligator at Bryan Beach in Freeport (VIDEO)
FREEPORT, Texas –  A family’s first trip to Bryan Beach on Saturday was cut short after an alligator was spotted in the surf. They caught the unusual sighting on camera and posted the video to YouTube. Viewer Ray McGee and his family were standing in calf-high water and said he... Read more
Demo Ranch goes for the largest binary explosion on the internet (VIDEO)
The gang of merry mischief makers at Demolition Ranch made a 50 foot long bangalore torpedo with nearly a quarter-ton of binary explosive with the hope of making history. Back in 1912 with future military conflicts likely setting up lines of barbed wire obstacles and landmines to inhibit rushes... Read more
“This Is The Biggest Gun Grab In The History Of Our Country” (VIDEO)
No trial. No appeal. 4.2 million Americans will be stripped of their Second Amendment rights by the stroke of Obama’s pen. It’s time to get active, folks, because the Social Security Administration is just one of many agencies Obama intends to abuse to use to come after your guns.... Read more