10 Great Holiday Gifts for the Ice Fisher in Your Life
Anglers are a pretty easy lot to buy gifts for. There are a lot of options, many of which are affordable. You would be hard-pressed to not be able to find the right gift this holiday season. Read full story at OutdoorHub.com Read more
New State Law Confirms Those Licensed to Carry in Texas Are Allowed in City Hall
The city of Austin is violating state law by prohibiting licensed concealed handgun carriers inside City Hall, according to the Texas governor’s office. A memo issued Oct. 9 by Gov. Greg Abbott’s legal team claims licensed concealed handgun carriers cannot be prevented from entering multipurpose government buildings as part... Read more
Texas Quail Season Going on Now
Quail season opens statewide on October 31 and ends February 28, 2016. The daily bag limit for scaled (blue), bobwhite and Gambel’s quail is 15, and the possession limit is 45. The bag limit is the maximum number that may be killed during the legal shooting hours in one... Read more
Company Creates New Pain-free Method for Measuring Fish
It’s called the Tail Scale, and according to the Arizona-based fishing accessories company Nørre, it could revolutionize how anglers measure fish. The Fish Scale may look like a bizarre set of chopsticks, but the company says it will allow anglers to gauge the length and weigh of their fish... Read more
Game Warden Field Notes
The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. It Was Supposed to Sink A Red River County game warden and the Clarksville Chief of Police responded to a call about a car submerged in the Clarksville City Lake. The officers took a... Read more
The Best Rifles for Predator Hunting
You’ve got the electronic caller going and it’s squealing like a rabbit in distress. The motion decoy is flopping around and you’re completely hidden off to the left of it, with a clear view of the field. Read full story at OutdoorHub.com Read more
5 Things You Must Know about the Rut’s Peak Breeding Phase
It’s here. Depending on where you live and certain conditions, the peak breeding phase of the rut usually happens around mid to late November. The most active part of the rut—in terms of breeding—usually turns out to be one of the quietest. Read full story at OutdoorHub.com Read more
Minnesota Angler Catches Potential World Record Muskie
A fly fisherman in Minnesota may have landed a new world record for muskie earlier this week. Robert Hawkins of Lake Elmo announced on Monday that he landed a 57-inch muskellunge from Lake Mille Lacs, the first time he had been to that particular lake. Read full story at... Read more