Game Warden Field Notes
The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Caught Snagging Two Bowie County game wardens received information about a few late-night anglers attempting to snag fish at the Lake Wright Patman Spillway between midnight and 2 a.m. on several consecutive nights. It... Read more
Australian Man Rescues Venomous Snake from Tin Can (VIDEO)
Australian wildlife expert Tim Faulkner has spent nearly his entire life working with dangerous reptiles, and in Australia, that can be risky business. However, while the land down under may have some of the deadliest snakes in the world, that doesn’t make them especially smart. Check out the full... Read more
Sinkhole in Detroit turns into a fishing hole
A sinkhole in Detroit has turned into a fishing hole on Hull Street and McNichols. People who live nearby say after about four years of dealing with the hole, they decided to turn it into something they could enjoy. Residents started putting fish into the sinkhole. Now, the fish... Read more
Man Catches Fish from Sixth-floor Apartment Balcony (VIDEO)
This angler has life figured out. He can go fishing from his balcony and he doesn’t have to leave his house to go to the grocery store. Being six stories above a river would probably stop less motivated anglers from fishing, but not this man. After casting (or more... Read more
So You Decide to Feed that Cute Raccoon on Your Porch, Then This Happens (VIDEO)
It all starts off as an innocent gesture to feed a wild animal on your porch, but then it becomes a problem.  The video description says “Don’t know where I went wrong… only had one coon when it all started!” Looks like this guy has quite a problem on... Read more
Guy Doesn’t Pay Attention and Walks into a Huge Black Bear While Texting (VIDEO)
Texting and driving is dangerous, but apparently so can texting and walking… when there’s a bear around. A big black bear roaming through a residential area is being filmed by the local news station from a helicopter. The bear takes a stroll down the sidewalk, then pauses to take a look at a... Read more
Record-breaking alligator pulled from Lake Eufaula, AL weighs in at 920 pounds
The massive alligator caught by Scott Evans, of Center Point, and his friends, Jeff and Justin Gregg, on Aug. 14 has officially weighed in at 920 pounds. The gator was weighed today at Dixon Lumber Co. in Eufaula. “We knew it was big,” Evans said. “We took some measurements... Read more
Florida gears up for new Python Challenge kick off (VIDEO)
Based on the last Python Challenge in 2013– which aimed to help rid the Sunshine State of huge invasive snakes– wildlife officials in Florida announced details of the 2016 Challenge this week. The removal competition is set for Jan. 16- Feb. 14, 2016 and participants will be able register... Read more