WATCH: Helicopter Hog Hunting…with a Bow
Check out this video from PigmanTV taking down a hog from a helicopter with a compound bow: The video description states: In this scene taken from Season 4 (2013) of Leupold’s Pigman: the Series, Pigman successfully takes the first ever confirmed kill with a compound bow from a helicopter... Read more
2014–2015 Toyota ShareLunker Season Wrap-up
ATHENS—The twenty-ninth season for the Toyota ShareLunker season ended on Thursday, April 30, with a total of six fish entered. David Roulston of Frisco kicked off the season with his catch of Toyota ShareLunker 558, a 13.88-pound largemouth bass from Lake Fork, on November 20. The fish was 26.75... Read more
Video: African Warthog Nearly Stumbles into Blind, Shot at One Yard
Brian “Pigman” Quaca has seen a lot of pigs in his life, but his closest experience was during a recent bowhunting trip in Africa when a warthog decided to investigate his blind. At less than a yard, Brian scored his closest ever kill with a bow. “Dust is flying,... Read more
California Man Punches Bear In Face To Save His Dog (VIDEO)
PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) — A foothills man came face-to-face with a bear outside his home. He didn’t run. He didn’t call wildlife officials. Instead, he wound up and punched the bear in the face. Carl Moore is not a guy who scares easily. “The man or beast that I... Read more
Arkansas Angler Catches Piranha, Nearly Loses Finger
The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (GFC) has confirmed that a piranha was caught in Lake Bentonville last week, and it nearly took a finger along with it. According to 5News, Robert Headley reeled in the fish after mistaking it for a large perch. After removing the hook (and nearly... Read more
Texas could soon have a tax-free holiday for gun shopping
The Texas Senate has passed a bill supporting an annual tax-free weekend for Texas shoppers — those buying guns, that is. Senate Bill 228, proposed by Sen. Brandon Creighton (R), was approved in a 21-10 vote and is now headed to Texas’ House. Creighton called the tax break a... Read more
TX A&M Cadets Marksmanship Unit sweeps Military College Combat Shooting Championship
COLLEGE STATION, TX – -(Ammoland.com)- The Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit (CCMU) participated in the annual meeting of Combat Weapons Teams from each of the United States Service Academies and Senior Military Academies hosted by the prestigious United States Army Marksmanship Unit on their Krilling Range at Ft. Benning, Ga.... Read more
WATCH: Snarling Raccoons Attack Coyote over Squirrel Meat
If you’ve never heard an angry raccoon growl before, it’s likely to send a shiver down your spine. These masked critters can be downright frightening when provoked, yet the coyote in the video below was just too hungry to leave its meal behind. Two raccoons tried to the scavenger off what appears... Read more