Bill Proposing Constitutional Protection of Hunting Passes Texas Senate
The Texas Senate has approved a proposed amendment to the Texas Constitution that would guarantee Texans’ rights to hunt and fish, and it is now headed to the House for a vote. The amendment would not affect any current laws but would add a constitutional provision that would legally... Read more
Polka-dot ribbon fish caught, released
KARACHI: A rare deep-sea species, identified as the polka-dot ribbon fish, was safely released by fishermen who caught it in a gillnet off Churna Island on Wednesday. The fish, scientifically known as Desmodema polystictum, is a circumtropical species that normally lives at depths of hundreds of metres, but is... Read more
Poison delivery systems being tested to control wild hog population
The state is considering several new options, including one involving cell phone pictures, to get the wild hog population under control. According to the LSU AgCenter, there are about 500,000 wild hogs here in Louisiana. The high population is destroying farmer crops, wildlife habitats and can spread diseases. “Wild... Read more
Houston, Dallas Would Be Largest Cities to Allow Open Carry
Texas lawmakers hoping to make it legal to openly carry handguns in the state often point to a surprising statistic: Texas is one of just six states that prohibit it. That may soon change, if a measure lifting some of the state’s handgun restrictions continues to advance in the Legislature.... Read more
Grass-eating carp raising concerns on Lake Austin
AUSTIN – An effort to control the pesky, non-native hydrilla weed in Lake Austin has apparently worked almost too well. For a little more than a decade, Texas Parks & Wildlife has worked with the City of Austin and Friends of Lake Austin in a team effort to come... Read more
Michigan Fisherman Shatters State Drum Record
On Tuesday, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) confirmed that the state has a new freshwater drum record. According to the department, Mark Leep of Middleville caught the record-breaking fish from Gun Lake on January 24 while spearing. The massive drum weighed 28.71 pounds and measured just over 34 inches... Read more
WATCH: Mule Deer Relocated in West Texas to Help Boost Population
ALPINE— In an effort to boost a struggling mule deer population in and around the Black Gap Wildlife Management Area, 40 mule deer does were relocated from Elephant Mountain Wildlife Management Area in early February. The mule deer population within Black Gap WMA and surrounding area has struggled to... Read more
TPW Commission Adopts Turkey Hunting Regulation Changes
AUSTIN – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission at its Thursday public hearing approved closing spring eastern turkey hunting in 11 East Texas counties effective next year, while restructuring the season in two other counties. Hunting season for eastern turkey will be closed in 2016 in Angelina, Brazoria, Camp,... Read more