Cobra Chases Down and Attacks Chameleon (VIDEO)
Are a chameleon’s camouflaging abilities any match for a deadly cobra? As this interesting clip from National Geographic shows, the answer to that question is a resounding no. The video shows us a life-and-death battle between a chameleon and a zebra spitting cobra. While chameleons are renowned for their exceptional camouflaging... Read more
Angler Finds Baby Duck Inside Bass
A woman near Pittsboro, Indiana did a double take when she looked inside a recently-caught bass and found a duckling. “I guess baby duck was on the menu for this bass that Andrew caught tonight. I’m a little disturbed,” Carrie Fortner wrote on Facebook. Now many anglers already know that bass—and many other fish—will snack... Read more
Outdoors Expo to feature “Tiger Talks” show
The 10th Annual SETX Great Outdoors Expo at Ford Park in Beaumont is an outdoorsman’s paradise, carrying the best in hunting, camping, boating and fishing gear. The Expo also features the return of the popular Big Motor Showcase – a 20,000 square foot pavilion filled with RV’s, boats and... Read more
Bear Breaks into Pie Shop, Devours 38 Full Pies
Owners of a pie shop in Pinewood Springs, Colorado say a bear broke into the store on Monday night and had a massive, sugary feast. According to Mikaela Lehnert, who operates the Colorado Cherry Company along with her mother Kristi, the bear’s raid yielded some interesting conclusions regarding its... Read more
Amateur Researcher Says Loch Ness Monster is a Giant Catfish
Steve Feltham, 52, is best known as one of the leading figures in the hunt for the Loch Ness Monster, commonly called “Nessie” after the lake in the Scottish Highlands. Almost 25 years ago, Feltham left his home, job, and girlfriend in southwest England to join the hunt for... Read more
‘Highly aggressive’ snake on the loose after it killed a pet store worker in Texas
A teenage pet store worker is dead in Austin, Texas from what medics believe was a snake bite, local media report. Grant Thompson, 18, was rushed to the hospital Wednesday night after medics found him in his car with puncture wounds on his wrist that resembled a snake bite. A... Read more
Man Bags Three Turkeys with One Shot (VIDEO)
We’ve heard of killing two birds with one stone, but nailing three with a single shot? That’s something well worth being caught on camera. In the video below, three toms decide to treat this hunter by lining up in a neat row after approaching a decoy… Read full story... Read more
Craziest Trail Cam Pictures Ever Captured (VIDEO)
The good folks over at Outdoor Hub put together a compilation of some of the craziest trail cam photos ever captured.  Check out the video below: OutdoorHub via Youtube Read more