TX A&M Cadets Marksmanship Unit sweeps Military College Combat Shooting Championship
COLLEGE STATION, TX – -(Ammoland.com)- The Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit (CCMU) participated in the annual meeting of Combat Weapons Teams from each of the United States Service Academies and Senior Military Academies hosted by the prestigious United States Army Marksmanship Unit on their Krilling Range at Ft. Benning, Ga.... Read more
WATCH: Snarling Raccoons Attack Coyote over Squirrel Meat
If you’ve never heard an angry raccoon growl before, it’s likely to send a shiver down your spine. These masked critters can be downright frightening when provoked, yet the coyote in the video below was just too hungry to leave its meal behind. Two raccoons tried to the scavenger off what appears... Read more
Oklahoma Man Lands Largest Fish in State History
Last Thursday, an Oklahoma angler crushed the record for the largest fish ever caught in the state with an alligator gar that weighed a staggering 254 pounds. Paul Easley of Mead snagged the beast of a fish in Lake Texoma last week and was able to have the fish... Read more
Texas Game Wardens Commission 10 New K-9s
AUSTIN – Ten canines are now official state K-9s after receiving their badges and commissions as Texas game wardens. The K-9s were accompanied by their game warden partners during a graduation ceremony at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Austin headquarters this morning. “In a very short period of... Read more
WATCH: Alligator attacks trainer during Texas demonstration
OLD TOWN SPRING, Texas, April 27 (UPI) — The owner of a Texas alligator show said a trainer was not seriously injured when he was attacked by one of the animals on camera during a festival. Monique Gongora, who was in the audience during the demonstration at the Texas... Read more
WATCH: Trapped Snake “Thanks” Rescuers with Regurgitated Frog
Usually, helping wildlife in need is its own reward, but sometimes nature can surprise you. When two young men cut this entangled snake free in the video below, the creature showed its gratitude by vomiting up a smelly, half-digested frog. Not exactly a reward most people would enjoy, but there’s more... Read more
Ford recalls almost 400,000 late model vehicles
It has been relatively quiet on the recall front, but that appears to be changing with Ford’s recall of more than 390,000 vehicles for a door latch problem. The company said Friday that the problem may prevent doors from closing properly potentially causing them to open while the vehicle... Read more
More Alligators Making Their Way Out Of Rain-Swollen Texas Rivers
NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – More alligators are crawling out of rain-swollen rivers and making their way onto the personal property of Texans. One reptile was wrangled near Corpus Christi Wednesday. But North Texans are also encountering some of the beasts. Wednesday law enforcement in Collin County warned residents about... Read more