Hunter Who Bagged the “Largest Buck on Video” Charged with Baiting
In October of 2014, Iowa hunter Joe Franz made headlines after he harvested a massive buck on his property that held a preliminary score of 258 and 7/8. With a score that large, nobody contested his claim when Franz declared that it was the largest buck ever harvested on video. Read... Read more
Texans vote in hunting, fishing amendment
An overwhelming majority of Texans voted to approve NRA-backed Proposition 6 today and established a constitutional right to hunt and fish. “Proposition 6 ensures that wildlife conservation and management decisions are based on sound science so the proud outdoor heritage of Texas will be preserved for generations to come,”... Read more
Wisconsin Officials Confirm Extremely Rare Mule Deer Taken by Hunter
How did a wild mule deer find its way into Wisconsin? This photo of a mule deer buck first surfaced earlier this week, and while the deer itself may not seem especially significant, where it was harvested is. According to various rumors on social media, the buck was taken... Read more
Sam Rayburn Kicks off Toyota ShareLunker Season
ATHENS—Roy Euper of Lufkin caught the first Toyota ShareLunker of the season from Sam Rayburn Reservoir Monday afternoon. The fish weighed 13.2 pounds, qualifying it to become ShareLunker 564. Any angler who catches a 13-pound largemouth bass can be considered lucky, but Euper may be the luckiest of all.... Read more
14-year-old Hunter Shoots Charging Kodiak Bear at 15 Yards
Kodiak bears are the largest bears anywhere on the planet—a distinction they share only with polar bears. A hunt for one of these creatures is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but 14-year-old Kavin Roberts was not hunting for bear when he came across one in late October. Read... Read more
Photos: Deer Photobombs Everything This Photographer Does
The last thing that any photographer wants during a photo shoot are unexpected interruptions, but when it’s wildlife, it also presents an unique opportunity as well. While shooting pictures of children and their parents in Louisiana’s Sam Houston Jones State Park, Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography found her... Read more
Welcome to the Future? 3D Printed Bronze Shotguns Slugs Put to the Test.
3D printing is always a topic when discussing future technologies. The versatility of 3D printers allows everything from guns to airplanes to be printed with ease. Now you can add brass shotgun slugs to the growing list of 3D printed objects. Read full story on OutdoorHub.com Read more
Free Admission to Texas State Parks Nov. 8 in Honor of Veterans Day
AUSTIN— In honor of both veterans and active military, daily entrance fees at Texas State Parks will be waived for all visitors on Sunday, Nov. 8. “We are so appreciative of the service that veterans and active military personnel have dedicated to our country,” said Brent Leisure, director of... Read more