Record-breaking alligator pulled from Lake Eufaula, AL weighs in at 920 pounds
The massive alligator caught by Scott Evans, of Center Point, and his friends, Jeff and Justin Gregg, on Aug. 14 has officially weighed in at 920 pounds. The gator was weighed today at Dixon Lumber Co. in Eufaula. “We knew it was big,” Evans said. “We took some measurements... Read more
Florida gears up for new Python Challenge kick off (VIDEO)
Based on the last Python Challenge in 2013– which aimed to help rid the Sunshine State of huge invasive snakes– wildlife officials in Florida announced details of the 2016 Challenge this week. The removal competition is set for Jan. 16- Feb. 14, 2016 and participants will be able register... Read more
Wisconsin High Schoolers Land Massive, Prehistoric Paddlefish by Hand
Friends Alec Riddle and Logan Thomas of Middleton, Wisconsin, went fishing in late July on the Wisconsin River below the Prairie du Sac dam, hoping to catch a big flathead catfish. Instead, the two 15-year-olds landed and quickly released a huge paddlefish, an uncommon prehistoric fish that’s found only... Read more
Two large recalls for Volkswagen and Discount Tire (trucks and SUVs)
Attention — two recalls announced this week could have an impact on your vehicle safety.  One is for about 80,000 truck and SUV tires.  The second is for more than 420,000 Volkswagens from a range of product lines. Tires The Discount Tire recall affects the company’s ‘Pathfinder’* branded tires... Read more
Rising Texas temperatures?  Up north travel in GMC Yukon Denali is perfect fit
What does a self-respecting Texan do when the heat index is in the 115 degree range?  Step one for many is to rekindle relationships with family and friends who live up north.  That doesn’t mean giving up on trailering a boat, fishing for some different species or living the... Read more
Bald Eagle Dive Bombs Surprised Grizzly (VIDEO)
Who would win in a fight between a grizzly bear and a bald eagle? The bear would certainly have an overwhelming advantage when it comes to sheer brawn, but eagles have razor-sharp claws, excellent aim, and can fly. However, this hypothetical situation is rendered somewhat moot due to the... Read more
“Largest Great White Ever Recorded” Circles Divers in New Footage
The “biggest shark ever filmed” doesn’t appear to have gotten any smaller between his two major social media appearances so far. At least, that appears to be the case in new footage released by marine biologist Mauricio Hoyos Padilla early Monday morning… Read full story on OutdoorHub.com Read more
White Rhino Fights Cape Buffalo in Territorial Clash (VIDEO)
This is a true battle of titans. In one corner, you have the world’s second-largest land mammal, the intimidating white rhino, which looks like it was practically built for battle. In the other corner, you have the African Cape buffalo, an animal that is notorious for its aggression and... Read more