8-year-old boy dies after man shoots Tannerite rigged stove; 4 charged
Four people are facing charges after an experiment with Tannerite and a old stove outside a Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, home went terribly wrong and resulted in the death of an 8-year-old boy Sunday afternoon. Authorities said Brandon Martin, 22, placed two pounds of Tannerite inside the stove before shooting... Read more
Louisiana Joins Forces with Texas in Annual Crab Trap Cleanup Effort
AUSTIN —Each February for more than a decade, armadas of volunteers in Texas and Louisiana spend 10 days on the water searching the bays for abandoned crab traps that have been left to foul shrimpers’ nets, snag anglers’ lines, “ghost fish” and create an unsightly view. To date, they’ve... Read more
Remington to Rebrand Para USA, Move Operations to Alabama
Remington Outdoor Company (ROC) announced on Monday that it will be integrating Para USA under the Remington brand and transfer operations from Para’s headquarters in North Carolina to Huntsville, Alabama beginning next month. It was a move that Remington has anticipated ever since the company announced early last year that a vacant Chrysler... Read more
Endangered Cave-Dwelling Fish Species Discovered In Brazil
Brazilian researchers have found a new species of endangered cave-dwelling fish that is threatened by a destruction of its habitat, because of an expansion of cattle ranching. The fish — Ituglanis boticario — is a carnivore, less than 10 cm long, and has little pigmentation since it lives underground,... Read more
BREAKING: Constitutional Carry Bill Will Not Be Heard In Texas Senate Thanks To Open Carry Activists
A Texas Senate committee will hold the first public hearings on open carry and campus carry legislation on Thursday, but thanks to the antics of attention-starved Open Carry Tarrant County (OCTC) and their leader, cop-hating anarchist Kory Watkins, a bill arguing for constitutional carry—carrying openly or concealed without a... Read more
Connecticut Senator: Anyone Wanting a High-Capacity Magazine is “Arming Against the Government”
The same senator who admitted lying to Sandy Hook families to get them to come to Washington in order to have them lobby for votes on unconstitutional gun confiscation legislation, is now claiming that if you want a high-capacity magazine for your gun, then you must be “arming against the government.” Senator Chris... Read more
Study: Killer Shrimp May Be the Next Major Invasive Species to Hit the Great Lakes
A species of shrimp native to Eastern Europe is now a cause for concern for biologists studying the Great Lakes. Its scientific name is Dikerogammarus villosus, but experts know this voracious crustacean simply as the killer shrimp. The shrimp itself is only about an inch long, but its large mandibles... Read more
SilencerCo Releases Salvo 12 Adapter for Saiga and Vepr Shotguns (VIDEO)
SilencerCo has just announced that they’ve expanded their line of Salvo 12 suppressor adapters to include a model specifically designed for the Russian-made Saiga and Vepr series of semiautomatic shotguns. The release of the adapter was accompanied by an amazing promotional video that channels Cold War-era Soviet propaganda (embedded... Read more