Watch: Man Interrupts Mating Tortoises, Leads to Slowest Wildlife Chase Ever
When people think about getting chased by wildlife, they usually think of bears, wolves, or mountain lions. They probably never think of tortoises. When explorer and filmmaker Paul Rose stumbled upon two mating tortoises in Seychelles, the last thing he expected was that he’d soon be “running” away from a... Read more
WATCH: Canadian Woman Draws Criticism for Approaching Wild Lynx, Calling It “Kitty”
The Canada lynx may look like a bigger version of the average house cat, but make no mistake, this kitty has claws. The last thing wildlife experts advise is to approach one of the predatory cats and treat it as a domesticated pet, so when a woman in northern Ontario... Read more
Texas Bill Would Bar Physicians From Talking Guns With Patients
If one Texas lawmaker’s bill is passed, patients may have a few less questions to answer at the doctor’s office. Stewart Spitzer (R-TX) has authored a bill which would essentially bar doctors from talking about guns with their patients. House Bill 2823 was introduced March 16th and not only prohibits doctors from... Read more
Wood Bison to Be Reintroduced to Alaska after 100-year Absence
For the first time in over a century, Alaska will be home to a wild herd of wood bison. According to KTUU, a group of 100 bison have safely arrived in Shageluk from the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, where the animals were kept since they were first transported to the state in 2008.... Read more
Texas man who won hunting auction to be allowed to import black rhino trophy
The US government will allow a Texas man to import the trophy of an endangered black rhinoceros if he kills one in Africa as part of a conservation fundraiser. The US Fish and Wildlife Service said on Thursday that importing a carcass from Namibia meets criteria under the Endangered Species Act of benefiting... Read more
Texas Hog Guns
The folks over at the Firearm Blog put together an awesome video discussing some their favorite guns for hog hunting in Texas.  The video is on the lengthy side but worth a watch. You can read the full article on the Firearm Blog site. Source: The Firearm Blog Read more
Tarps failed to eradicate zebra mussels in Lake Waco
Tarps laid down in October to smother a colony of zebra mussels at Lake Waco failed to kill all of them, but city of Waco officials are holding on to hope that the infestation won’t spread. City and state parks officials earlier this month removed tarps from a section... Read more
Toyota Texas Bass Classic seeking volunteers
QUITMAN — The Toyota Texas Bass Classic is looking for volunteers to help support the Texas-sized outdoor music festival and world championship fishing event. The 9th annual TTBC is returning to Lake Fork on Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-25. The event will host the world’s greatest anglers as well... Read more