“Bigfoot” Sighting Recorded in North Carolina Mountains (VIDEO)
A tourist vacationing near South Carolina’s Black Mountain range claims he saw something resembling Bigfoot last Thursday, and he managed to capture the entire “encounter” on video. Eric Walters told WBTV that he had rented a cabin off North Carolina Highway 9 last week and was enjoying a quiet stay in the woods with... Read more
Florida bear season permits go on sale, and Nugent has his
Special use permits for the first bear season in the Sunshine State this century went on sale this week and hunter’s rights advocate Ted Nugent picked one up. The permits, which became available for both resident and non-resident hunters Monday, are for the state’s controversial new open season on... Read more
Game Warden Field Notes
The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Paper Shuffling Pays Off An individual stopped by the Brownwood law enforcement office asking for information on his boat so he could report it as stolen. Office clerks were helping the customer when they... Read more
Great White Does Its Best Impersonation of ‘Sharknado’ (VIDEO)
This shark probably knew it looked cool. This amazing footage was taken, fittingly, by the team of White Shark Video during a trip to Mossel Bay in South Africa. Sharks don’t usually a have a reputation for being curious, but the great whites living near Mossel Bay are actually fairly... Read more
CCA Life Member is Confirmed Fourth Tagged Redfish Winner
CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FOURTH TAGGED REDFISH WINNER! Fortunately for Ryan Cantu, not only is a Life Member of CCA, he also remembered to register for the 2015 STAR Tournament. He is the fourth lucky winner of a 2015 loaded Ford F-150 “Texas Edition” XLT SuperCab, pulling a brand new... Read more
Kentucky Man Arrested for Shooting Drone Hovering over His Property
A man in Hillview, Kentucky was arrested last week after he used a 12 gauge shotgun to bring down a drone flying over his house. William Merideth, 47, told reporters that he first noticed the drone on Sunday night when his daughters pointed it out hovering over his neighbor’s... Read more
World’s Fattest Great White? Massive Shark Tagged By Ocearch
Ocearch researchers have encountered and tagged a massive great white shark off the East Coast of America, and the first footage of the unusual predator has made its way online. The white shark was filmed writhing on the elevator platform of the Ocearch ship, as the Daily Mail reports, removed from the water... Read more
Hiker Comes Face-to-face with Mountain Lion (VIDEO)
There’s a saying that if you spot a mountain lion, they want to be seen. Cougars are naturally stealthy and rarely reveal themselves to passing hikers, but this man visiting Montana’s Glacier National Park seems to have caught one off guard. However, what started off as delighted fascination quickly gave... Read more