University of Houston students weigh in on campus carry legislation
Cougars have mixed feelings regarding their safety after the new campus carry bill was signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott Saturday. Michael Leon, an incoming Management Information Systems freshman, feels that it is risky but can also have benefits. “I think self-defense is a good thing,” Leon said. “You... Read more
WATCH: Is this 19.3lb Bass the Biggest Ever Caught on Video?
Claiming that you have caught the latest bass ever caught on video is a big claim.  That is exactly what Butch Brown has claimed on YouTube.  The YouTube description states: “As far as I am aware, this is Butch’s biggest largemout to date. The fish was caught on March 28,... Read more
Pregnant Mom Tries to Suck Rattlesnake Venom from Young Son’s Foot (VIDEO)
A Folsom family had quite the scare when their young son was bitten by a rattlesnake while walking along a bike trail. Acting on instinct, his mother, who is pregnant, tried to suck the venom out of her son’s foot. Jaclyn Caramazza, who is nine months pregnant, was anticipating... Read more
Colt’s 8-month journey to bankruptcy
After eight months of living off loans and negotiating with investors to avoid collapse, Colt Defense ultimately bit the bullet and filed bankruptcy protection paperwork in federal court Monday. The company is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which would allow it to continue to operate and repay creditors rather than liquidate all company assets.... Read more
Lions Stalk the Streets after Flooding in Georgia (the Country), Special Forces Mobilized
A menagerie of lions, tigers, bears, and other larger predators are stalking the streets of the capital of Georgia this week after heavy flooding released them from their cages at a nearby zoo. The city of Tbilisi looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie, but it is the animals running... Read more
U.S. Coast Guard Makes Big Illegal Fishing Bust
CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) –It’s being called one of the biggest seizures of illegal fishing cargo in U.S. Coast Guard history — 153 sharks weighing more than a total 1,500 pounds were found on a boat about three miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border on Sunday. The U.S. Coast... Read more
Governor Abbott Signs House Bill 910: Texas Open Carry Bill
New law to take effect on January 1, 2016 On Saturday, with representatives of your NRA-ILA and our affiliate Texas State Rifle Association present, Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed into law House Bill 910, sponsored by state Representative Larry Phillips (R-Sherman) and state Senator Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls). This... Read more
Toyota Texas Bass Classic spotlights commitment to sport fishing and the state
It costs a professional angler anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 to participate in a year of professional bass angling. That’s a big number by anyone’s reckoning, and whether you win the big tournaments or not, it takes you away from home for about one-third of the year. No matter... Read more