Toyota Texas Bass Classic spotlights commitment to sport fishing and the state
It costs a professional angler anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 to participate in a year of professional bass angling. That’s a big number by anyone’s reckoning, and whether you win the big tournaments or not, it takes you away from home for about one-third of the year. No matter... Read more
Proposed bill would mandate liability insurance for gun owners
A bill that would require gun owners to carry liability insurance is being reintroduced by one of Congress’ most outspoken gun control legislators. U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-New York, said the Firearm Risk Protection Act “makes more sense” as gun violence is killing as many people as car crashes.... Read more
14-Foot-Long Rare Oarfish Washed Up On A Californian Island Shore
A dead rare oarfish was found washed up on Catalina Island, the fifth to be seen on West Coast beaches in the past year, according to a report from National Geographic. According to the report, the dead fish was measured to be 14 feet or 4.3 metres. Catalina Island... Read more
10 North American Animals You Definitely Can’t Outrun and Why
Odds are that you already know that the average human can’t outrun the animals on this list. More than likely, you’ve heard from other hunters or hikers what you should do in case of an encounter. You’ve already been told how mind-blowingly fast a 1,000-pound grizzly, with its winter weight... Read more
Florida man catches possible world record fish
Just when Alex Newman was ready to give up and declare defeat at a charity fishing tournament Saturday, history hit his line. The fish that took the Bonita Springs man’s hook turned out to be a specimen that could break a 12-year-old world record. Newman managed to land the... Read more
Texas Game Wardens Arrested the Whole NORML Boat at Red Bull’s Cliff Dive Event
Every year, the energy drink company Red Bull sponsors a touring cliff-diving competition. (Cliff-diving, for those unfamiliar, is the sport of jumping off a cliff). The Texas stop on the tour, late last month at Possum Kingdom Lake, sure looked fun, the type of event where you might expect to... Read more
Game wardens patrol border
GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — Galveston County game wardens are routinely deployed 380 miles south to towns such as McAllen in the Rio Grande Valley. Their mission: patrol the border. Wardens across the state have been tasked with these weeklong border rotations as part of Operation Strong Safety — a... Read more
New World Record Grizzly Bear is Biggest Ever Taken by Bow or Gun
The new world record grizzly bear came so close that archer Rodney Debias could smell the bear and hear him breathing. Rodney Debias of Windber, Pennsylvania took an Alaskan grizzly bear in 2009 that was officially recognized as the new Pope & Young world record earlier this year. Although an experienced... Read more

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