Did Three Anglers Release the Largest Tarpon Ever Caught on Rod-and-Reel?
One of the largest tarpon ever caught on rod-and-reel, and possibly the largest, was released off Nicaragua’s Rio Indio last month. Sport Fishing has learned that “a party of three old men” — as one of the anglers, Bill Brannan, tells SF — “hooked a very large tarpon.” How... Read more
Why the Winchester 9mm NATO Bulk Ammo May be Bad for Your Pistol
After the recent ammo drought, it’s good to see relatively cheap bulk pistol ammo returning to store shelves. But ammo buyers need to be aware that not everything is as it seems and not all ammo is created equal. I found this Winchester “150 Round Value Pack” of 9mm... Read more
This is a video of two kangaroos boxing in the middle of suburbia – and it’s kind of awesome
If you’re at work and looking for something to do for five minutes while you eat your breakfast and drink your coffee, you absolutely need to watch this video of two kangaroos boxing in suburbia. Source: GlennBeck.com Read more
Angler catches monster albino catfish after 40 minute battle
A Cornish pensioner landed himself in the record books after catching the world’s biggest albino catfish smashing a record set by his mate an hour before. Retired pals Tom Herron, 68, and John Edwards, 74, were having a heated competition to see who could net the biggest fish. OAP... Read more
Alabama: Use of Firearm Suppressors for Hunting Legal as of October 1
On October 1, the use of firearm sound suppressors became legal for all hunting in Alabama. Previously, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources prohibited the use of suppressors/silencers through their hunting regulations. On Saturday, May 3, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Advisory Board voted... Read more
First Drive: 2015 Ford F-150
Last week, I drove the the new Ford F-150 pickup at the media launch, and I’ve got to say that this half-ton which will step into the #1 vehicle spot in the nation is more than just a worthy successor. It is a real game changer. For starters, let’s... Read more
OK, Really, What’s Going on with .22 Rimfire?
The issues behind lack of .22 Long Rifle ammunition on the shelves of your local retailer are complex and not easily explainable. Demand currently exceeds supply. Beyond the laws of simple economics, there are side effects due to lack of said supply and high demand. The two most obvious... Read more
New Jersey man blows drone out of the sky, gets arrested
While collecting video of a construction project while flying over his friend’s property in Lower Township, New Jersey, last Friday, a man’s drone fell from the sky. According to NJ.com, upon closer inspection, the device was found to have been riddled with holes. Just before the drone crashed, a... Read more