Bastrop County: Here, piggy piggy piggy
Need a few bucks? If you’ve got a rifle, a good aim, and some nuisance feral hogs on your Bastrop County property, you’re in luck. The Bastrop County Feral Hog Bounty program will be held from Oct. 1, 2014, to Jan. 31, 2015. The amount paid will be $5... Read more
Case Closed: FBI Says 9mm Is The Best Pistol Round
A new study from the FBI’s Training Division shows that overall, the 9mm Luger pistol round is the best option for law enforcement handguns, recommending departments shouldn’t switch their side arms to larger rounds considered by many to be more lethal. Based in a combination of factors, including so-called... Read more
Scientists capture footage of white orca so rare that there has only been ONE other sighting in history
Gracefully gliding just under the surface of the water, this rare white orca was spotted in Russia. Scientists from the Far East Russia Orca Project (FEROP) were in a boat of the southeastern coast of Kamchatka and the Northern Kuril Islands, where orcas have been spotted before. They were there... Read more
Louisiana restaurant gives discount to all armed patrons (VIDEO)
WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports If you happen to be in Port Allen, La., and have a craving for fried catfish, smoked chicken, barbecue and cracklins there’s one restaurant you should have on your short list, especially if you’ve got a new holster to show... Read more
What happens to stray alligators once they are caught?
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player We often see alligators in the news when they come into neighborhoods looking for food or a mate. Local 2’s Ruben Galvan talks to the people who are called to get those gators and shows us the sanctuary they’re put in at Gator Country.... Read more
Truth About Stopping Power
Cowan of Breech Bang Clear wrote a very intriguing article about Stopping Power. It is actually a good article about the anatomy and the importance of knowing how it works with regards to bullet placement. Caliber, it is said, is not as important as round placement and penetration Cowan... Read more
Fisherman rescues ailing bald eagle from water
A fisherman in Canada knew something was wrong when he spotted an ailing baby bald eagle swimming towards him. The eagle looked exhausted and was clearly in poor health. The fisherman scooped him out of the water with a net and let the bird rest on his boat, hoping... Read more
Sea lion enters shark-diving cage; needs help with exit (video)
Perhaps the sea lion was merely trying to locate a safe haven, but more likely it swam into the shark-diving cage by mistake. The accompanying video, uploaded last week to YouTube, shows a sea lion (not a seal, as described) swimming into a metal cage through a wide viewing... Read more