Kids give up smart phones for shotguns at Ducks Unlimited event
Nearly a hundred youngsters from pre-school age to their mid-teens dropped their video games and cell phones for shotguns and archery gear Saturday. The Rome chapter of Ducks Unlimited hosted the annual Greenwing Youth Outdoor Day at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources compound on Floyd Springs Road. Ryan... Read more
The Nation’s Largest Grocery Store Takes an Unexpected Position In Gun Control Fight
Fresh off of victories at Target, Sonic, Chipotle, and other stores, Moms Demand Action is taking its fight to the nation’s largest grocery store chain. The gun control group has its sight set on Kroger to get the food store to prohibit guns, or “kindly suggest” shoppers don’t bring... Read more
Huffington Post Reporter Can’t Tell the Difference Between Earplugs and Rubber Bullets
This is why we can’t get accurate reporting out of Ferguson, Missouri and also illustrates why the media is so often badly informed on guns. Ryan J Reilly tweeted the following last night during the height of the Ferguson, Missouri standoff between police and protestors who refused to comply... Read more
Google spends a ton of money just to keep sharks from eating its underwater cables
Google already spends a lot of money deploying and maintaining its massive network of undersea fiber cables that it uses to help handle the enormous amounts of traffic it generates every day. And Network World reports that Google really does have to plug a lot of money into protecting its... Read more
Off-duty Dallas cop asked to leave theater after employee spots his handgun (VIDEO)
One couple’s evening out to the movies ended in frustration after the man, who is a Dallas police officer, was asked to leave the theater because he was carrying a gun. According to a report by a local Fox affiliate, an employee at the AMC in the Dallas suburb... Read more
809-pound tiger shark fed to Texas poor, homeless
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) — An 809-pound tiger shark caught in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this month has been cooked and served to more than 90 poor and homeless Texans. Timon’s Ministries in Corpus Christi set up the donation of about 75 pounds of shark meat. Executive director... Read more
This Worm is Truly, Deeply Terrifying
This unsettling creature is called Eunice aphroditois, or colloquially the Bobbit worm. These critters can grow up to three meters long and have pincers capable of slicing its (sometimes larger) prey right in half. Also? It injects a toxin into its prey to make it easier to digest. Yum.... Read more
TPWD Annual Public Hearing in Houston Next Week
AUSTIN— The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission will hold its annual public hearing at 2 p.m. Weds., Aug. 20 at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The public is invited to give their input on agency related issues. Each speaker is given three minutes to address the Commission. The... Read more