A 90 MPH Center Console Fishing Boat? YES!
At the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, there was some serious power on display—especially when it came to center console fishing boats. A Hydra-Sports 53 Suenos (the largest center console in the world, you can read about it in Hot News from the Miami Boat Show,  where we wrote... Read more
Ford unveils 2017 Super Duty
It’s always a red-letter day when Ford takes the cover off a new truck. Historically they like to do it in Texas where they know it will be fully appreciated, and this year was no exception. This is a heavy-duty truck that is breaking a lot of the rules.... Read more
The 10 Unspoken Rules of Fishing
Fishing, as most other things, has an unwritten code of conduct. This more or less universal code not only dictates proper etiquette, but also includes practical guidelines that aim to make fishing an enjoyable experience for everyone. Read full story at OutdoorHub.com Read more
Duck hunters: Don’t forget to drain, clean and dry
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is reminding waterfowl hunters to Clean, Drain and Dry before and after each trip to help avoid spreading invasive species like giant salvinia and zebra mussels. Unknowingly, waders, boats, trailers, even decoys can often harbor these invasive species, spread them to new places... Read more
New from Garmin: echoMAP CHIRP Chartplotter Fishfinder and the Striker
You’ve gotta love the way the price of technology falls over time. As in, it falls like a rock. Case in point: the new echoMAP series and Striker series, from Garmin. Both offer CHIRP-equipped down and side-viewing abilities, and neither is expensive. In the case of the Striker, it’s... Read more
14-year-old Hunter Shoots Charging Kodiak Bear at 15 Yards
Kodiak bears are the largest bears anywhere on the planet—a distinction they share only with polar bears. A hunt for one of these creatures is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but 14-year-old Kavin Roberts was not hunting for bear when he came across one in late October. Read... Read more
Gyroscopic Image-Stabilized Binoculars: Yes, You Do Want Them!
Just about all of us carry binoculars on our boats. But just about all of us carry the wrong type. Regular marine binoculars, which are commonly 7X magnification, are dated, old technology. Back when discussing Under-Rated Boat Gear You Need I mentioned image-stabilized binoculars. But these are so helpful,... Read more
2016 Ford Explorer Platinum, a mighty magic carpet, is SUV of Texas
The Ford Explorer defined the SUV category more than two decades ago, and has led the pack ever since, but there has never been a top-of-the-line entry before. Enter the 2016 Explorer Platinum, awarded SUV of Texas at the Texas Auto Writers Association Truck Rodeo. The Explorer unseated seven-year... Read more