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Bullets Loaded Backwards (VIDEO)

Saw this on Every Day No Days Off. Mike, of ENDO, posted a video by The Ammo Channel. The Ammo Channel looks at an internet…

Bear Cub Discovers the Joys of Golf (VIDEO)

Bear Cub Discovers the Joys of Golf (VIDEO)

As has been said before, bears are inquisitive creatures. While traveling through a golf course with his family, one black bear cub decided to take…



Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) recently posted a video of them running the current version of the UZI PRO through some mud torture testing. I recognize…


AR500 Steel Armor Plate vs 50 slugs

Demolition Ranch tests out an AR500 armor plate against 50 slugs. The most challenging aspect of this test appears to be finding a method of…

Post Hog Hunting Fail

Post Hog Hunting Fail

It is wise to make sure all of the hogs are actually dead. Source: Momosilein via Youtube


Lion Pride Held at Bay by Angry Mongoose

In Africa, lions are the undisputed rulers of all they survey—at least until that dominance is actually disputed. Most of the time it is by…