Kayak River Fishing For Spotted Bass (Gopro Video)
Check out Joshua’s story from Bass Resource: Hey guys. My buddy and I managed to sneak away for a quick afternoon trip on a narrow section of a Louisiana river. These small flows are rarely fished due to their shallow sand bars and frequent laydowns. Unfortunately, the same heavy... Read more
How To Choose A Bass Fishing Kayak (VIDEO)
Source: Kayak Bass Adventures via YouTube Read more
Bass Does Not Want to be Released (Video)
Chris Ellenburg was fishing in Lake Belton in Texas when the most peculiar thing happened to him: he caught a fish that didn’t want to be released. In this strange video Ellenburg tells GrindTV.com that he attempted to release a white bass that he had caught when the fish... Read more
Sewer Bass Fishing [VIDEO]
Growing up, I was convinced that if i set a line in the canal bordering my yard, I would eventually catch a fish. Unfortunately the canal was strictly for irrigation and i never caught a thing. Never would I have considered trying to cast down a storm drain and... Read more
Video: Topwater Bass Attacks
Nobody is ever likely to mistake a bass for a shark, but toss out a frog onto the water and you might be surprised how big of a bite some fish have. This blowup compilation by russe048 is one of the best we’ve seen, and it certainly doesn’t lack... Read more
Scuba-Fishing (VIDEO)
Check out this video of a guy “scuba-fishing in Green Lake, MN.  He manages to bring in a decent smallmouth bass.  He is using an ice fishing rod with a simple jig-and-crawler rig. Check out the video below: Source: sbkbob via Youtube Read more
Fishidy with Mike Iaconelli: ICAST 2014
Fishidy with Mike Iaconelli: ICAST 2014 from Texas Fish & Game Magazine on Vimeo. For more information visit Fishidy.com Read more
Snook eats 5 pound bass! (video)
This is the coolest “eats” footage fishing footage I have ever seen. Check it out. Read more