Monster Hogs: The Quest (Video)
Deer Shrugs Off Point-blank Muzzleloader Shot (VIDEO)
This hunter either forgot to load a projectile in his muzzleloader or this deer is actually bulletproof. If you’ve never seen a hunter take a super-close shot at a deer, “hit” it, and have the animal run off fine as rain, you’re about to… Read the full story and watch... Read more
Man uses his Leg as Bait to Catch an Anaconda (VIDEO)
So this is a new idea…or maybe an old one.  Check out this brave soul who decides to wrap his leg up and stick it in a hole to catch an Anaconda.  Sure enough, the snake latches onto his leg and his buddies help him drag it out of... Read more
Video: This Is the Craziest Turkey Headshot You Will Ever See
Turkey hunters always want to aim for the head so they can dispatch the animals as quickly as possible and so they can save as much meat as possible. There are even companies that make braodheads specifically designed to “decapitate” turkeys. This archer was using a Bullhead broadhead, and... Read more
WATCH: Bobcat with Matrix-like Reflexes Dodges Tracer Rounds
Let’s face it, animals generally have way better reflexes than humans. After all, they have to survive in a world full of ways to get hurt, and even the slightest injury in the wild could mean the end. That said, we usually don’t expect wild animals to dodge bullets.... Read more
Hilarious Hunting Video by Remington
If you’ve ever been deer hunting you know how loud a single squirrel can be: Read more
Just for Laughs: Talking deer tells us about his final moments, and the trouble he is having in his new home…  (VIDEO)
Source: Patriot Outdoor News Read more
Post Hog Hunting Fail
It is wise to make sure all of the hogs are actually dead. Source: Momosilein via Youtube Read more