WATCH: Bobcat with Matrix-like Reflexes Dodges Tracer Rounds
Let’s face it, animals generally have way better reflexes than humans. After all, they have to survive in a world full of ways to get hurt, and even the slightest injury in the wild could mean the end. That said, we usually don’t expect wild animals to dodge bullets.... Read more
Hilarious Hunting Video by Remington
If you’ve ever been deer hunting you know how loud a single squirrel can be: Read more
Just for Laughs: Talking deer tells us about his final moments, and the trouble he is having in his new home…  (VIDEO)
Source: Patriot Outdoor News Read more
Post Hog Hunting Fail
It is wise to make sure all of the hogs are actually dead. Source: Momosilein via Youtube Read more
Young Crossbow Hunter Bags Two Feral Hogs with One Shot
While hunting in Langley Ranch in Centerville, Texas, Marcus of Hunting with Marcus and Chris managed to land a lethal shot on two hogs. Two-for-one shots are always unique and exhilarating—akin to a feat of athletic prowess—but sportsmen and women are careful to make sure it is an ethical... Read more
VIDEO: Hog Wild Adventures Spear Hunt With a GoPro (Graphic)
B.F. Reeves Jr posted this video via his YouTube channel of him spear hunting hogs.  The video is graphic may be unsuitable for some younger viewers. Source: B.F. Reeves Jr via YouTube Read more
Hog Hunting with Tannerite (VIDEO) *Graphic
Check out this video Holeinonepro posted on YouTube using Tannerite to hunt hogs.  Its pretty intense, if you a squeamish I would pass this one by.  I wouldn’t try this one at home unless you are familiar with Tannerite. Source: Holeinonepro via YouTube Read more
Rabbit Hunting with Tomahawks [video]
I always teach the “small game throw” to our Marksmanship Campers.  I had an opportunity to demonstrate it live when a cottontail popped up behind the range this past week. Yes it works.  Even with a good bit of distance between you and your prey. Read more