Shark Snatches Fish off Angler’s Line (VIDEO)
There’s few things more ominous than reeling in half a fish, especially when you know there’s a shark in the area. Despite their status as the ocean’s top predator (just don’t mention that to the orcas) sharks are more than happy to steal from fishermen. After all, hunting is hungry... Read more
Shark Attacks My GoPro and Hand (VIDEO)
Shark attacks my fish online and in a feeding frenzy a shark tries to attack my gopro and hand on the side of the boat. best shark attack video ever. Crazy Video. all raw footage caught on tape and filmed with a Gopro hero 3 plus black edition. Source:... Read more
Fishidy with Mike Iaconelli: ICAST 2014
Fishidy with Mike Iaconelli: ICAST 2014 from Texas Fish & Game Magazine on Vimeo. For more information visit Fishidy.com Read more
Video: Kayak Fishermen Reel in Giant Black Drum
Captain Dave Lusk of Salt Minded Fishing Charters recently uploaded a video of him and Matt Lusk catching some impressive black drum near North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras earlier this month. The black drum are commonplace along Atlantic Coast and in Gulf waters and a favorite of many anglers. The... Read more
Video: How Sailfish Slash Through Schooling Prey
Sailfish have been well-documented for their predatory habits, which often involves the use of their long, flat bills. While the species isn’t known for creative swordplay, sailfish are actually proficient at using their bills to slash through schools of prey. The sailfish’s inherent speed and strength means that this... Read more
Video: Angler Wrestles Hammerhead Shark to Save Tarpon (Warning Vulgar Language)
How far will one angler go to save the fish on his line? If that angler is Captain Bo Johnson, he would be more than willing to wrestle a shark. While fishing near Boca Grande Pass in Florida, Johnson restrains a hammerhead by its dorsal fin to save the... Read more
Many People Would Have Cut the Line When They Saw What Was on the Hook – He Chose Instead to Go on a Wild Ride
Video source: The Blaze A man claims a hammerhead shark he hooked while deep sea fishing towed his kayak for about two hours, forcing him to beach two cities over from where he began. LiveLeak user “AdamFisk” says the shark turned out to be 11 feet long, though the... Read more
Video: Spearfisherman Fends Off Shark Attack
Video source: Outdoor Hub ason Dimitri is a veteran spearfisherman and has been diving near the Cayman Islands for much of his life, but a recent excursion left him face-to-face with a shark for the first time. Dimitri was spearfishing for invasive lionfish in the western Caribbean Sea last week... Read more