Live 50 Caliber Round in a Microwave  (Video)
The actions performed in this video are highly unsafe.  Please DO NOT attempt to recreate this video on your own. The folks over at Demolition Ranch are back with another crazy video featuring a .50BMG in a microwave.  Again, we do not encourage you to attempt this at home... Read more
Video: Launching .22 LR in a Straw
Dropping ammunition on its rear isn’t usually a good idea, nor is throwing it like a grenade. In a recent video, Demolition Ranch decides to take two bad ideas one step further. Stuffed into a straw, .22 LR can make a loud and potentially dangerous firecracker when thrown. Please do not... Read more
Watch This Incredible Long-Range Rifle Shot From Nearly 1.5 Miles Away
Hitting a target more than 2,500 meters away proved to be no sweat for this long-range shooter, even though the bullet had to travel for almost a full five seconds in the air. LiveLeak user Grizzman uploaded a video showing viewers his set up and successful near-1.5 mile shot... Read more
Just a Video of a Fully Automatic World War II-Era Sub-Machine Gun Exploding a Watermelon (and Other Things)
This video doesn’t really qualify as news, but most of you will probably want to see it anyway. The folks over at BearingArms.com flagged this fun video of a guy demolishing a watermelon, cans and bottles with a fully automatic Sten gun, a World War II-era submachine gun. “If... Read more
Dual Wielding Barrett .50 Cal
View original post Source: Guns.com Read more
Video: 1,000-yard Off-hand Shot with .50 BMG Barrett M107
Most people probably can’t count on one hand (or even one finger) the number of people they know who can shoot a Barrett M107 accurately while standing. When the shot approaches the 1,000-yard mark, that number drastically decreases towards zero. In this video, however, former Army Ranger, sniper team... Read more
Tactical Humor: 5.11 Tactical bringing back the limited-edition Tactical Duty Kilt (VIDEO)
In what started as an April Fool’s joke gone wrong, 5.11 Tactical is now a sporadic manufacturer of the Tactical Duty Kilt, or TDK. Initially “announced” as a prank, the demand for a tactical kilt was so great that 5.11 Tactical was compelled to make them a reality. It... Read more
How To Purchase a Suppressor (Silencer) [video]
This awesome video brought to you by the fine folks at Silencer Co.: Read more