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Bullets Loaded Backwards (VIDEO)

Saw this on Every Day No Days Off. Mike, of ENDO, posted a video by The Ammo Channel. The Ammo Channel looks at an internet…



Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) recently posted a video of them running the current version of the UZI PRO through some mud torture testing. I recognize…


AR500 Steel Armor Plate vs 50 slugs

Demolition Ranch tests out an AR500 armor plate against 50 slugs. The most challenging aspect of this test appears to be finding a method of…

.22LR vs Windshield (VIDEO)

.22LR vs Windshield (VIDEO)

TWANGnBANG tests out some .22LR against a standard car windshield. The results are rather interesting when the bullets enter ballistic gelatin. Source: The Firearm Blog

Youth Marksmanship Camp [VIDEO]

Youth Marksmanship Camp [VIDEO]

My Marksmanship Camp was featured in the July¬†2014 issue of Texas Fish and Game Magazine and now that the fall season has begun I thought…

300 yard pistol shot

300 yard pistol shot

Beretta USA just posted this video on their page of some instructors¬†explaining the equations necessary to make a long range shot from a handgun. They…