The Inception Shotgun Shell
Check out Matt’s new video of a shell within a shell within a shell. Source: Demolition Ranch via Youtube Read more
30 lbs of Tannerite vs 70’s Bronco
We have seen excessive amounts of binary explosive used for entertainment and destructive purposes. Like the barn video. There was also Funker Tactical’s youtube record breaking 300lbs of binary explosive. So I found it rather impressive how much damage only 30lbs can do. Source: The Firearms Blog Read more
Body Armor vs 50 Shotgun Slugs
Check out this new video from Matt over at Demolition Ranch… Source: Demolition Ranch via YouTube Read more
Watch This Female Sharpshooter Nail Annie Oakley’s Card-Splitting Trick
Epic. That’s one word for Kirsten Joy Weiss’ latest trick-shot video. Weiss, an accomplished competitive shooter, posts videos showing off her shooting skills. Her latest accomplishment? Recreating Annie Oakley’s famous trick of cutting a playing card in half with just a single shot. Weiss set up the card on a... Read more
M&M’s melt in your mouth, how ’bout a flamethrower? (VIDEO)
“Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.” Well what happens when you hit them with a flamethrower? This video explores how well M&M’s hold up in extremis. This is part of a larger GY6vids experiment to determine what foods cook and what food do not cook when hit... Read more
Stereotypes at the Range (Hilarious VIDEO)
Polenar Tactical released a hilarious video called “Sh!t You See on the Range”. It pokes fun of the many stereotypical shooters one may see while at the range. Hopefully it will bring a smile to your day as it did mine. Source: The Firearms Blog Read more
HK416 vs Colt Water Test
An old video but an interesting one. HK tests their HK416 with a very specific test. Submerging it under water and then shooting it immediately after coming out of the water. The results for the Colt were surprising. Although the safety measures taken for the Colt kind of give... Read more
What happens when you fill a shotgun with Airsoft BBs? (VIDEO)
The crew at Demolition Ranch teamed up with a few names in the Airsoft game to play around with (real) shotguns and Airsoft BBs. The results are mixed but promising, and there might be something to loading shotgun shells with plastic pellets. Not for like, actual Airsoft games, that’s... Read more