Philippine Sniper Confidence Drill (VIDEO)
Check out this Philippine Marine Scout Sniper Confidence drill. The shooter uses, what looks like, a M14 to shoot balloons that his partner is holding relatively close to his own head. Source: The Firearm Blog Read more
Turn Your Fire Extinguisher into a Rocket
Demolition Ranch is back with some awesome redneck science.  Check out the video below: Source: Demolition Ranch via YouTube Read more
Screwdriver Projectile Shotgun Shell
Taofledermaus on YouTube tests out viewers request to try a screw driver projectile in a shotgun shell. It works but it does not seem very accurate. Source: The Firearm Blog Read more
Champion Shooter Jerry Miculek Dual Wields AR-15 Pistols Gangster Style w/ 100% Hits! (Video)
Jerry Miculek, one of the fastest shooters in the world and a world record holder for several style of shooting, shows us how he cross-trains in a video released on his Youtube channel today, In the video Jerry dual wields 2 Sig Sauer M400 AR pistols equipped with the... Read more
Jerry Miculek Shoots Ultra Rare Full-Auto AR-10 Prototype from 1957 [Video]
Apparently being a world reknown competition shooter sponsored by one of the largest gun companies in the country has perks that being a lowly gun blogger does not. One of those perks seems to be the ability to shoot ultra rare guns. In this video, Jerry Miculek gets to... Read more
.58-Caliber, 12-Gauge Sabot. 5 Lbs. Gummi Bear. Somethin’s Gotta Give.
John wanted to sight-in his new Mossberg 500 12ga hunting shotgun so we set up some interesting targets to show how much impact these rounds have. The stainless plate has been shot previously with a wax slug and a hardened-steel ball bearing shot from a 12 ga. shotgun. These... Read more
Serious AK47 Fireball (VIDEO)
Matt at Demolition Ranch is at it again with this awesome AK47 fireball video.  Don’t try this one at home! Source: Demolition Ranch Via Youtube Read more
Demolition Ranch: Top YouTube Gun Channels…….ROAST
Matt over at Demolition Ranch decided to take a shot at the top rated YouTube gun channels.  Check it out… Source: Demolition Ranch via Youtube Read more