Youth Marksmanship Camp [VIDEO]
My Marksmanship Camp was featured in the July 2014 issue of Texas Fish and Game Magazine and now that the fall season has begun I thought I’d share a short video of a few things we did this past weekend: Activities include archery, tomahawks, blowguns, knife, shovel and rock throwing,... Read more
300 yard pistol shot
Beretta USA just posted this video on their page of some instructors explaining the equations necessary to make a long range shot from a handgun. They are using a Beretta PX4 Storm. Although engaging targets at anything beyond 50 meters with a handgun is well beyond most pistol caliber’s maximum effective... Read more
Rubber Bullets aka Ear Plugs
On August 18th we posted a story about a Huffington Post reporter on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri who tweeted a picture of foam ear plugs believing them to be rubber bullets.  Matt, over at Demolition Ranch, put the “rubber bullet” earplugs to the test.  Check out the hilarious... Read more
Demolition Ranch: Spear Mag (VIDEO)
The new invention at Demolition Ranch seeks to harness the power and technology of a modern day firearm in the simplistic design of the ancient spear. Source: Demolition Ranch via YouTube Read more
Philippine Sniper Confidence Drill (VIDEO)
Check out this Philippine Marine Scout Sniper Confidence drill. The shooter uses, what looks like, a M14 to shoot balloons that his partner is holding relatively close to his own head. Source: The Firearm Blog Read more
Turn Your Fire Extinguisher into a Rocket
Demolition Ranch is back with some awesome redneck science.  Check out the video below: Source: Demolition Ranch via YouTube Read more
Screwdriver Projectile Shotgun Shell
Taofledermaus on YouTube tests out viewers request to try a screw driver projectile in a shotgun shell. It works but it does not seem very accurate. Source: The Firearm Blog Read more
Champion Shooter Jerry Miculek Dual Wields AR-15 Pistols Gangster Style w/ 100% Hits! (Video)
Jerry Miculek, one of the fastest shooters in the world and a world record holder for several style of shooting, shows us how he cross-trains in a video released on his Youtube channel today, In the video Jerry dual wields 2 Sig Sauer M400 AR pistols equipped with the... Read more