Epic Time-lapse Wildebeest Migration (VIDEO)
This amazing time-lapse footage was shot over five days in Northern Serengeti, Tanzania. The Serengeti wildebeest migration involves over 1 million of these animals and thanks to Will Burrard-Lucas we get to see the true enormity of it in time-lapse form. Source: Outdoor Hub Read more
Buck Wants to Fight French Bulldog (VIDEO)
This young buck from Wellington, Nova Scotia is not about to take any guff, even if it’s from a French bulldog a fraction of its size. Jamie-Rae Fifield posted this video on YouTube of what appears to be a buck attempting to spar with her dog. The challenge was... Read more
Group of Impalas Had No Idea What Was Hiding Up Above in the Tree — Until It Was Too Late
A group of unsuspecting impalas in Botswana were grazing in a field when a deadly predator lurching in a nearby tree suddenly made its move. Footage, captured by Yasmin Tajik, on vacation from Las Vegas, Nevada, shows a leopard dive about 15 feet from a tree and take down... Read more
What Happens When a World Howling Champion Calls Coyotes (VIDEO)
Two-time World Howling Champion Jason Groseclose is known for his aggressive vocals and impressive range, and it seems that coyotes think the same as well. While hunting and filming with MFK GameCalls, Jason is able to show off his abilities to a receptive pack nearby. Watch what happens below: A... Read more
Bear Cub Discovers the Joys of Golf (VIDEO)
As has been said before, bears are inquisitive creatures. While traveling through a golf course with his family, one black bear cub decided to take some time and learn more about the game. And by “learn” we mean “do some kind of circus act on a golf flag and... Read more
Lion Pride Held at Bay by Angry Mongoose
In Africa, lions are the undisputed rulers of all they survey—at least until that dominance is actually disputed. Most of the time it is by one of the usual challengers: an old gray elephant, a pack of hyenas, an enraged water buffalo, or any other animal capable enough of... Read more
Angry Ram Knocks Drone Out of Sky (VIDEO)
Experts generally advise people observing wildlife to avoid getting too close to their “targets,” with an eye toward personal safety. Given the footage captured by YouTube user Buddhanz1 and embedded below, it may make sense to extend the same caution to unmanned aerial vehicles, too. Ram enthusiasts may recognize... Read more
There Was a Little More in the Water Than One Impala Anticipated
A thirsty impala got a little more than it bargained for when it took a sip of water at the edge of a river in Zambia. Incredible footage published online shows a crocodile suddenly burst out of the water and attack the impala at a river in the South Luangwa... Read more