Massive Flock of Pelicans Dive-bomb for Fish (VIDEO)
If fish could describe this event, they would probably tell you that it is like being carpet-bombed with a chance of getting eaten. In the video below, a large flock of pelicans show off their coordination by plunge-diving for fish. Diving is one of the most effective hunting methods... Read more
Killer whale flips ‘sea lion’ into air
Tourists on an Alaskan fishing boat caught a rare glimpse of how a killer whale stalks and kills its prey after seeing an orca tossing what seemed to be a sea lion into the air. The marine mammal was hiding near a fishing boat operated by Anglers Adventures of Ketchikan... Read more
Two Bear Cubs Start Boxing in Backyard
Confrontations between adult bears can become fights of titanic proportions. These battles can be brutal, loud, and deadly. Bear cubs, on the other hand, are ridiculously cute when they put on mock fights. Like any other young animal, playtime for cubs offers valuable experience for later on in life.... Read more
Crocodile faces off with 3 lions on African wildlife reserve (Video)
A new video posted online Monday shows a crocodile face off with a pack of lions at an African reserve. “My family and I managed to catch an extremely rare event on camera during our recent trip to the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya,” the individual who captured the... Read more
Leopard Forgets How to Ambush Warthog (VIDEO)
Not every hunt in the animal kingdom ends with a successful harvest. Even predators as fearsome as the leopard have their off-days, and sometimes they simply mess up. A video posted on YouTube by Kruger Sightings shows what should have been a pretty one-sided ambush between a leopard and... Read more
Video: Mink Steals Catfish from Fisherman’s Bucket
Mink are determined creatures, and more than one angler has found themselves waylaid by a mink looking for a seafood dinner. While these critters are better known for stealing fish off the line, the brave mink in the video below decides to go straight for the jackpot: the fish... Read more
Snook eats 5 pound bass! (video)
This is the coolest “eats” footage fishing footage I have ever seen. Check it out. Read more
Ever wonder what it would be like to see a python fight an alligator? Check out this video
Source: ojatro via YouTube Read more