Snowmobiling Couple Charged by Moose – Not Even a Warning Shot Scared It Away
A New Hampshire couple was enjoying a snowmobile ride in Maine Friday when a moose turned on them and began to charge. Janis and Bob Powell told WBZ-TV the moose jumped out in front of them and ran. Being on their trail, they followed the moose for a minute... Read more
Video: Lone Wolf Pursues Elk into River
Wolves are pack predators, but hunger can drive them on to attempt to tackle even the largest of prey alone. The video below was recorded last year in Yellowstone National Park and shows a gray wolf doggedly pursuing an elk. As a herd of nearby bison watch on, the... Read more
Video: Captive Deer Eats Bird
Deer have a much more varied diet than most people think they do, but it is still rare to catch the critters eating something strange on video. Believe it or not, deer will readily eat meat if desperate enough. Most of this strange carnivorous behavior is isolated to the... Read more
Video: Angler Wrestles Hammerhead Shark to Save Tarpon (Warning Vulgar Language)
How far will one angler go to save the fish on his line? If that angler is Captain Bo Johnson, he would be more than willing to wrestle a shark. While fishing near Boca Grande Pass in Florida, Johnson restrains a hammerhead by its dorsal fin to save the... Read more
Video: Massive Alligator Snapping Turtle Rescued in Louisiana
Noodlers beware: two men in Baton Rouge, Louisiana recently rescued a roughly four-foot-long alligator snapping turtle from a drainage canal. According to WAFB, the turtle was wedged in a culvert and needed to be pulled out. Despite its dangerous reputation, the two men decided to give the animal a... Read more
Video: Giant Oarfish in Shallow Waters
Once mistaken for sea serpents, oarfish today are still rarely seen by humans. In a video recently posted to YouTube by the Shedd Aquarium, kayakers in Baja sighted not one but two oarfish in shallow waters. These long, strange creatures usually prefer depths of up to 3,000 feet below... Read more
Video: Massive Catfish
I ran across this video while trolling the internet for stories.  Enjoy! Source: Catfishing Around the World by Yuri Grisendi via YouTube Read more
Video: Have You Ever Caught a Blowfish?
Many anglers are uneasy about catching blowfish, or puffers, due to their reputation for being the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world. That reputation is only partly deserved. While Pacific blowfish do contain the dangerous and occasionally lethal tetrodotoxin, Northern puffers in the mid-Atlantic are mostly poison-free. In... Read more