Dangling Drumstick Used to Trap Dog Missing for Two Years

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December 5, 2013
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Sometimes it takes patience and persistence to make a connection.

“I couldn’t ignore the situation — especially because it was right in front of me,” said Farnaz Memarzadeh. 

She first noticed a stray dog a year-and-a-half ago wandering around the woods at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

Memarzadeh named her “Nadine,” but never could catch her.

This summer, Farnaz found a group that specializes in rescuing street dogs: Duck Team 6.

“Most of the time, I set up a trap, we catch our dog that day,” said Pat Rodriguez. “It might be a couple hours, but we catch our dog.”

But after two months of trying to trap her, Duck Team 6 had no luck with Nadine.

Then on Tuesday, a maintenance worker at UT Southwestern tried something different.

“He had a unique strategy that we had never tried,” Memarzadeh said. “He took Kentucky Fried Chicken — the crispy kind — and hung it from a string at the end of the trap, kind of like mistletoe from the ceiling.”

Turns out that dangling a drumstick is all it took.

A veterinarian found ear mites and hookworms in Nadine — along with an identification microchip.

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Source: WFAA


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