Micro whitetail deer?

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January 21, 2014
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February 3, 2014

My late uncle Jackie Moore used to tell a story about seeing a micro-sized whitetail buck cross the road when he was headed out to a deer lease near San Saba, TX. He said it was a fully-developed buck with a nice rack but was about half the height of a normal deer from the area.

And considering the Texas Hill Country has some of the nation’s smallest deer, that would put the weight of this tiny buck at around 40 pounds.

Photos of baby muntjac, an micro-sized Asian deer, have been circulated as being tiny whitetails. (Photo courtesy Wiki Commons)

He and my father both said they heard stories of bucks like this in that area, which got me to pondering if others had encounters with such creatures.

In conducting an Internet search I found several references.

We use to have one where I went to college. Can’t remember what everyone named it but it was a dwarf deer. People would see it all the time and it was about half the size of a normal adult deer as well. These deer were very tame too as they were never hunted in an urban area so you could get fairly close to them. Use to trap deer there and then tackle them so we could put tags in them and do some research. Tried to get the mini but never did get him to go in one of the traps. (From T_3 Kyle on Taxidermy.net)

I was watching some hunting show. I cant remember which one it was, but they showed a midget whitetail buck walking down a trail. It was neat looking, short stubby legs and it had a nice little rack too. (From JMBFishing2008 on Indianasportsman.com)

The Key Deer is the smallest subspecies of whitetail and it is found only in the Florida Keys chain of islands. The next smallest is the Carmen Mountains Whitetail found in a remote mountainous region of West Texas and northern Mexico.

The Key Deer is the smallest whitetail deer subspecies. (Photo courtesy Wiki Commons)

Is there a recessive gene akin to dwarfism in whitetails? Have you seen one of these deer? If you have shoot us a report or preferably a photo to [email protected].

Whitetails are amazing animals and the idea of micro versions running about is fascinating.

Chester Moore, Jr.

Source: Kingdom Zoo

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