Last November we put out a call for game camera and hunter kill photos of monster hogs and the response has been phenomenal. Photos are still coming in and one thing is certain. There are plenty of huge hogs in the state of Texas.

Here are some our readers captured on game cameras. Next month we will see hogs killed and captured.

This massive red hog captured on game camera by Josh Snearlely with a cool spotted pattern is out there somewhere in the Pineywoods of East Texas. This hog is likely in the 400 pound class making it a true giant.


Travis Addington said he was going to hunt this hog hard after he sent in this photo. The hog is close to the camera giving it an almost mutant look but it is a really big one, probably in the 300-350 pound range.


This blurry shot sent in by Bobby Elder shows two absolute giant hogs. Notice how fat they are? There is a good chance these are “bars” or boars that were caught likely by hog-dog hunters, castrated and released. This makes them grow to huge weights and is done to allegedly increase the quality of the meat.


Diego Rosales managed to get this shot of a big, muscular hog that almost appears well-groomed. Notice the feeder behind it. This is one big pig, no matter how high that feeder actually stands. We can’t imagine the timer being less than three feet high and most hunters set theirs a minimum of five feet.


This long, tall hog sent in by Shawn Carter is showing the behavior that makes them so hard to hunt. Hogs go nocturnal when pressured and they do so very quickly. Although hunting them at night is legal, it is not exactly easy, especially for hunters who cannot afford thermal imaging scopes and night vision.


Shea Harrison sent in this photo of a massive hog obviously not happy about the amount of corn being dispensed from this feeder. Hogs are not only large animals. They can be demanding. In other words they like to throw their weight around.


A reader only identified as “Rene” in a message sent in this photo of two unique looking hogs from the wilds of Texas. At first glance they have an almost warthog-like appearance.


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