White bass are spawning …

The white bass run is on in Texas. They are moving out of Texas lakes on their annual spawning run, migrating into the rivers and streams that feed the lakes.

Typically the winter white bass run kicks off in the Sabine, with action in other East Texas rivers such as the Trinity, Neches, San Jacinto, right behind. The white bass run in the middle and upper Colorado and Brazos rivers and their tributaries in Central Texas usually begins in February. The fishing usually continues through March and into early April.

The fish congregate in large schools. Jane Gallenbach, she and her husband who operate River Ridge Campground and Guide Service, reported that on a recent trip on the Sabine River she found white bass in almost all of her favorite fishing spots.

Find the right spot, a creek entrance, sandbar, and you will find fish almost on every cast. A one or two pound white bass on a light action spinning rod is a tussle.

The fish will hit just about anything edible. Road Runner jigs, shad imitation plugs, live minnows all produce.

Tom Behrens: